What to do when a store is liable for your injury

July 28, 2016

Any injury which occurs in a store must be reported to management no matter what the circumstances are. This could mean someone may land in hot water for negligence, but it’s the right thing to do. Reporting an incident may prevent any future mishaps from happening. Don’t allow the store manager the opportunity to throw out your claim by not reporting a claim immediately. You have the right to take legal action, which is why it’s important to know your rights as the consumer.


Proving their negligence


It’s your legal right to be able to lay a complaint against a store if you can prove they were negligent on their part. The assistance of a professional law practitioner will be able to help you in building a case against the store, especially if they aren’t being cooperative. If the store owner refuses to see to your claim a judge will be able to determine which party was truly at fault. The lawyer will also assist in obtaining the monetary damages for the injuries you may have incurred. The money paid out can then be used to cover hospital plan prices.


It will need to be proved that the owner of the store failed to adequately check on maintenance work or any hazardous situations. It is your responsibility to prove your injury is caused by the negligence of the store. Provide reasons why you believe the store owner must have been aware of the dangerous conditions of their store.


What you need to be aware of


There’s no certainty the store owner won’t try to throw out your claim. Bad press isn’t good for the image of their business. The store owner may have his own defence to try and have your claim thrown out of court. Be aware of the owner claiming there were no hazardous conditions on the premises. They may also claim they were not aware of any hazards on their premises. The store manager may claim they take precautionary measures to ensure patrons aren’t in danger. This could result in putting the blame on you. During a dispute it’s important to stand your ground and be truthful in all your statements.


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