What to get tech lovers for Christmas

December 12, 2015

work3The future is here, as we talk instantly to each other, face-to-face, instantly, across the world. Who would have guessed a decade ago that we would be putting robots on Mars and be interacting with celebrities? And yet, we watched NASA do just that and everyday, famous people across the world fight with their “fans” on social media.

To keep up with technology is no longer merely a hobby, but essential for everyone – as advanced technology makes it way into businesses and life everywhere. For example, it’s almost unheard of to not have a cellphone these days and not having a bank card would bring you strange looks from everyone.

So, if everyone is using tech, how are we meant to decide what to even get those who claim to be tech-savvy? The difficulty here is that we tend to label a broad range of thing “technology”, whereas so much of technology is actually specifically designed for particular areas. Key to landing the perfect tech gift is knowing what the person’s actual interest is, rather than that they “just like tech”.

For example, someone who does a lot of work involving writing would benefit greatly from having a modern laptop: it’s portable, easy to use, and powerful. Most experts will tell you the best laptop for writers would be an Apple MacBook. CNET has an entire guide on how to pick the right one: for example, the smaller models don’t include all the ports and a less faster chip. But it’s more economical and is still a powerful machine. This is ideal if you’re on a budget and the person in question isn’t doing demanding work, such as digital artwork – but just simple writing or working with spreadsheets.

But perhaps the person you’re shopping for is more food orientated. Technology for the kitchen has also taken massive leaps. Looking at, for example, Smeg fridges, we can see a wide range of uses and functions that indicate how far we’ve come in simple storage! who knew that keeping things cold could be the focus of so much ingenuity? Some fridges even communicate with us! In 2012, “LG’s Smart Refrigerator… comes with a “food management system” that allows users to check what’s in their fridge from their smartphone, with granular details right down to the expiration date.” (Of course, if you check the page now, it’s discontinued. And here’s why.)

If you still want to maintain advanced tech in the kitchen, the Guardian spoke to professional chefs about what such an advanced kitchen would look like. Most of it is centered around gadgets and devices tech-savvy people already own: so this is ideal, since, if we’re buying for this kind of person, it means we’re getting them items they might not have considered before.

It’s tough out there, getting the right gift, but hopefully this all helps make sense for those of us who like to think we’re tech savvy but maybe not as much as the young people we’re buying for.

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