What to look for in cars for the disabled

August 25, 2016

Able bodied people are no different than those who are disabled. Their driving capabilities are slightly different but the same K53 rules still apply to them. The vehicle of a disabled person should be modified to suit their personal needs, while still keeping them safe on the road among other drivers. Their vehicles may require special adjustments to the steering wheel, hand controls, the throttle and braking system or a different signalling system may need to be installed.


Modifying the car


A modified vehicle doesn’t come cheap. Used Volkswagen cars for sale are among the best vehicles to modify. Not only are the secondhand cars cheap, but their systems make them easy to modify. All you need to do is take your car to a qualified technician that knows what he is doing. Be sure the auto electrician you employ has the following certifications:

  • They should have a certificate in vehicle conversions.
  • They should stock replacement parts.
  • Ensure they provide long term warranty.
  • See that the costs aren’t exorbitant.
  • Can the equipment be placed into another vehicle in the future?
  • Find out how long the modifications will take.


Vehicle requirements


Depending on the disability of the person, the modification may be slightly different. The vehicle should preferably have an automatic transmission. If at all possible, the gear lever should preferably be in the form or a button and not a lever. Ensure the car has power steering, power windows, power locks and electric seat adjustments. If you’re bound to a wheelchair, your vehicle is going to need to be big enough, as well as have a lift installed to get the wheelchair into the vehicle. Or have a leg lifter installed if you need help to get your legs into the vehicle. Be sure to reassess the seatbelts as well. For a safety precaution have the vehicle fitted with hand grips. Install a transfer board to use to transfer yourself from the wheelchair and the seat. If you’re unable to use foot pedals, the car needs hand controls to replace the usual pedals.


Not every car model can be turned into a vehicle capable of assisting disabled people. The car which is chosen should have comfortable interiors while guaranteed ease of driving with their new functioning systems. The variety of features installed should be properly tested beforehand to prevent a serious injury from occurring.


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