What women look for in a car

March 12, 2018

When going car shopping, women often look for different features to men, based on what is more important to them. Women may consider their relationship with the dealer more seriously than men, and want someone who is going to go on the journey with them. Below are some of the other things that women look for when going car shopping.

Same features for different reasons

Women will look to power features in a different way to men when choosing a car. Where men often want power features to improve speed and performance, women want power in order to be able to enter highways and pass other cars without hassle.

Reliability is also favoured by women, but not for the same reasons men do. A reliable car means that the car will last longer and will be less likely to break down. There is a higher risk for a woman who is broken down on a roadside at night, which is why a safe and reliable car is often the first choice.

A different shopping process

Before a woman finds the perfect used Polo for sale, she is likely to do more research than a man. More often than not, a man who needs a new car will go to a dealership for a quick look around before settling on a model he likes, but a woman will spend more time online researching the features of a car and the price range.

Women will also often bring a friend or partner with them during the shopping process, so as not to be swayed by salespeople. They will also want a salesperson that connects with them rather than talks down to them during the buying and selling process. A man may be driven by the thrill and excitement of a new car, while a woman is looking for practicality and honesty in a salesperson.

Attention to detail

Many women drivers know the struggle of having to adjust their steering wheel to their height and move the seat to a distance that is comfortable enough for driving. When looking for a new car, women will take into account the attention to detail in both exterior and interior features.

Some of the aspects that will encourage a woman to purchase a car include the adjustability of the seat and steering wheel, a spacious interior and boot and an attractive exterior. A sporty and luxurious exterior attracts both men and women, with the luxury side appealing more to women and the sportier side attracting male buyers.

A car that fits their long-term lifestyle

While women are excited by sports cars and luxury vehicles, one of their main concerns is finding a car that fits in with their long-term lifestyle and life plans. They will look for a car that will last them for years and one that they will be happy to drive for that period of time.

Women buyers will often look more at the price and cost of ownership than men, and also appreciate perks such as a no-charge scheduled maintenance. Finding a car that they are happy to drive for at least five years is more important to some woman than finding the latest sports model to impress friends and family.

Fuel efficiency is key

A survey found that when it comes to car shopping, women tend to look for models that are more fuel efficient while men looked for big, brawny cars. The results showed that men preferred to go fast, while women preferred to travel efficiently.

Fuel efficiency ties into the reliability aspects of a vehicle, which makes smaller town cars more popular with women, according to the survey. Compact, efficient models also tend to have better insurance rates, another aspect of car ownership which women take more seriously than men. Overall, having a car that is fast but light on fuel is important to over 40%of female buyers.


Because women make up 50% of motor vehicle drivers, dealerships should sit up and take note when their female customers come in. While both men and women consider the same aspects when looking at cars, they view them in different ways. Women opt for vehicles that are durable, light on fuel and that have interior features that will suit their storage and physical needs. Safety is also vital to women drivers, as is the appearance of the vehicle.

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