When the kids are gone how will you spend your time?

November 13, 2015

When the last child leaves the nest you are going to feel a lot of conflicting emotions. You might waver between pride and anxiety regarding your child’s next venture into life, but whatever your feelings for them, the fact remains that your attention will return to your life sans children. Perhaps for the first time properly in a long time.

Perhaps you already have a fulltime job and plenty pursuits and so little will change except for the pang of the loss of your child’s constant presence. But maybe you find yourself wondering what to do with your newfound time, energy and resources. What will you occupy your mind with?

There is plenty to choose from.

Travel the world

While it is great fun to go travelling with your children, it doesn’t often happen that way. Or your excursions into foreign lands may have just consisted of family-friendly “touristy” vacations.

It’s hard to see the world when you have children, so now is your time to really do just that. Where have you and your partner always wanted to go?

Join a cause

The wonderful thing about raising children is that it is a vocation that really gets your emotions involved. It is something you can truly care about. Once your children have left the nest, you might miss that in your life. That feeling of being involved in something bigger than you.

That is why this is the ideal time to get behind a cause. Not only do you have the time for it, but you have demonstrated over many years the depths of your devotion and commitment. Now you can use that selfless energy for a cause you really care about, like the environment or the homeless in your neighbourhood.

Start a new career

Starting a new career at this time of your life might seem absurd at first, but on second thought it can make a lot of sense. You have more time on your hands and you have grown up a lot. Never mind the fact that raising children teaches you a good many useful skills, like multi-tasking or keeping odd hours.

While it might be a bit late to embark on a new career as a doctor or violinist, there are other types of jobs you can definitely start later in life.

This is your chance to think out the box and do something simply for the joy of it. For instance, you could do something like yachtmaster ocean courses or finally write that book you have meaning to for years.

Whether your children have suddenly flown the nest, seemingly without warning, or whether it is a few years down the line still, remember that it isn’t the end of your life and your purpose.

This is a new stage in your life and you should cherish it.

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