Who is the regular driver of your car and why it matters

November 15, 2018

Your car insurance is taken out in order to plan for the future. You have no idea what could be around the corner, which is why you need to be prepared for every eventuality. But so many people do not read the fine print and end up not listing the correct regular driver(s) of their car. This means that if the car is in an accident and you try to claim insurance, you might face some serious difficulties.

When you apply for vehicle finance online, you will need to look into insurance at the same time. Knowing who the regular driver or drivers of your car will be is important, as this will be noted on any insurance claims that you might make in the future. Below are some reasons why it matters to have the regular driver of your car listed.

What does “regular driver” mean?

The regular driver of your car is the person or people who drive it the most often in a given period. While you might be the owner of the car, if your spouse or another family member drives it on a daily basis, they should be listed as the regular driver.

It can be very tricky to define the regular driver if the car is shared between a large number of people, but you should figure out who drives the car the most. Work with your insurer when you apply for vehicle finance online, and tell them the names of everyone who drives the car on a regular basis. Do not leave anyone out, because if you do and they happen to be driving your car at the time of an accident you will find it very difficult to make a claim.

Why does it matter?

It can affect the premiums

Premiums are calculated according to how much risk you pose to the insurance company. For example, younger drivers who have only had their licence for a year or two will pay higher premiums than their parents or older siblings who have been driving for five years or more.

Who you allocate as your regular driver might affect your premiums, and this can tempt some people to allocate the wrong regular driver in order to pay lower premiums. However, doing this is considered to be fraud and will result in some heavy penalties. When you apply for vehicle finance online, always be truthful about who the regular driver of your car is.

You can allow others to drive your car

Sometimes you might not be able to drive your car. This could be because you are sick or injured, or you might be too busy at work to be able to drive around running errands. Your partner, child or sibling can drive your car as long as they are correctly listed.

This is when it comes in handy to have a second regular driver who can drive your car, providing you with transport or getting things done for you. By having a regular driver listed, you are able to allow other people to drive your car without having to worry about making a claim if they are in an accident or the car is damaged.

It keeps your policy updated

Having an insurance policy that is not updated simply does not make sense. By adding a regular driver, you will be keeping your insurance policy updated, making it easier to claim should an accident occur.

For example, if your child or sibling has recently got their driver’s license, you will need to add them to the policy. This will keep your insurance company updated as well as ensure that, if they do drive your car, there are no questions if they are in an accident or something happens to your car. Similarly, if someone who used to drive your car now has their own car, you will need to remove them as a regular driver.

It helps with their own future

By adding someone onto your insurance as a regular driver, it helps them to build up an insurance history. This will make it easier for them to take out their own insurance should they buy their own car or apply for vehicle finance online.

The vehicle finance interest rate in 2018 in South Africa can affect the premiums that people will pay, and so it is important for young drivers and first-time car buyers to have an insurance history. This could help them to negotiate a better rate, making their monthly car instalments more affordable. Assigning a regular driver does not only ensure that you are covered for every eventuality, but you will be helping your partner, sibling or child have a brighter future and an easier time when it comes to buying a car.


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