Why everyone needs marketing skills

December 14, 2017

Today’s world is looking more like a marketplace than it used to. This fact is hard to ignore, even for those who strongly dislike Facebook braggers or Instagram attention-grabbers.

There is a certain amount of branding and marketing that goes into creating and curating our online personas. And these skills can be used for boosting your career and improving certain skills and attributes in your daily life.

What can marketing teach me?

Taking marketing courses are not only for students who want to pursue their career, but also for those who want to improve their current one. These courses teach you skills that can help your everyday interactions be more positive for both yourself and others.

You will learn to listen

The most important skill that any marketer has is the ability to listen… and to understand. Marketers are always listening, looking for ways to maximise opportunities and build relationships. While anyone can be a good listener, a marketer uses their ability to analyse and assess situations, it is an active process, not a passive one.

By being trained in customer analysis, and learning the value of focus groups, you will better be able to understand what people want, such as stakeholders in your company.

Your decision making will improve

Marketers are faced with decisions on a daily basis, from what campaign is best suited to a customer through to which content to use for social media. They use data to make these decisions and, thanks to Google Analytics, are able to do so with new insights.  

What this really means, however, is that marketers are able to interpret and understand data in order to make decisions. Whether you are a salesperson, artist or author, knowing how to find and interpret data about your stakeholders or audience will help you to hone in on the insights that help you to increase business or conversions.

Marketing teaches tact

Marketers are constantly dealing with different types of people. Their job consists of figuring out how to communicate with and reach different audiences. Marketers also learn how to gain insight into different personality types and tap into this when creating a campaign that will speak to these personality types.

This teaches them tact, and allows them to adapt to different situations and people. This skill is essential for anyone who works in a corporate environment. Knowing how to read people will help you to react to a situation correctly and interact with a colleague in a respectful and tactful manner.

You will learn creativity

Many marketers in today’s world are working on tight budgets, whether assigned by the client or the company itself. This means that they need to think creatively about how to get the brand’s message out to their audience without breaking this budget.

They learn how to prioritise resources and how to work together with other teams to bring their goals to fruition. Being a creative makes you a forward thinker and allows you to adapt to situations that may arise in the workplace with more ease.

You will gain awareness

Marketing professionals have to be highly aware of what is going on in their industries. This means that they are constantly reading up on industry news, attending networking parties and paying attention to the zeitgeist of the times.

No matter what your industry is, taking an interest in what is going on around you will equip you with knowledge and insight that can help boost your career goals. Your superiors will take note of their employee who has relevant solutions to problems and you will also become a more interesting person in general.

How do I gain these skills?

These skills do not often come naturally to people who have not studied marketing, but you can take certain measures to gain them yourself.

Enrol in a marketing course

This is the simplest way to garner the skills of a marketer. It does not have to be a full degree course, many universities and institutions offer certifications and diplomas that can be as short as a week. Here you will learn the basic essentials of marketing and will be able to apply these skills to everyday life.

Look out for “meetups”

A digital marketing meetup is when a group of individuals in the industry get together to discuss topics that are trending in the industry, new digital marketing techniques and new skills that are emerging. At these meetups you will be able to learn directly from those in the industry.

Marketing skills are ideal for anyone who wants to boost their careers and get ahead in life. You will be able to build up new skills and may even gain interest in the subject which can lead to a career change. Your marketing department can be a wealth of information if you are willing to take the time to listen and learn from them.

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