Why you should give your face a break from makeup

August 26, 2017

Less is sometimes more. When you’re used to wearing makeup every day, it may be hard to imagine heading out of your front door with a bare face. But in order to keep skin looking youthful and radiant, you need put away your makeup brushes and eyeliner once in awhile. Having the courage to stay away from your foundation, blush and mascara can be hard but it’s important to give your skin a little rest and recuperation.

Here are a few reasons to embrace your natural face.

Save time

You’ll be able to save time and you won’t have to wake up an extra hour early just so you can paint your face.  When you have to put on makeup every morning, it may take you 30 min to an hour. And on some days it may take you longer if you make mistakes . These mishaps could range from uneven eyeliner or smudged liquid eyeliner (nobody wants the raccoon look). When you have to apply concealer, foundation, bronzer and then add mascara, eyeliner and lipstick to the mix you may end up using precious time. But if you go bare you’ll be able to save time and use it for other things like making breakfast.

Makeup can be harmful

You’ve probably heard it said that too much of a good thing is bad for you. And it’s true.

Too much makeup can be harmful to your skin. When you apply a lot of foundation to your skin, it can clog the skin’s pores, which makes it hard for your skin to breathe. And you could end up getting acne and blemishes as a result of the clogged pores.

Cut down on costs

Blush, foundation, lipstick , eyeliner, mascara all contribute to the monthly expenses and they are not cheap either. When you take time off makeup you actually can save up a lot of money.
Improve the colour of skin

Taking a holiday from makeup not only gives your skin the freedom to breathe but it can also improve the tone of your skin. Makeup can dehydrate your skin causing it to lose its natural radiant colour. Taking 48 hours to go without makeup can improve your skin tone drastically.

Protect your lashes

Most women want longer lashes because they enhance the eyes and make them look wider and more open. Too much mascara can actually damage your eyelashes causing them to be thinner.


You may feel naked without your mascara or blush but makeup should be an accessory and not a necessity. Sometimes women can wear too much makeup to hide their insecurities. But surviving a whole week or month without makeup can boost your confidence and it’ll show you that you can be just as beautiful without it. Because inner beauty is everything, of course.

How to keep your face radiating without makeup

Cleanse and moisturise your skin

You need to wash your face and moisturise it daily. When you neglect to moisturise your skin, it’ll be dry and flaky, something which you want to avoid. And don’t forget to nourish the rest of your body too. Ingram’s is the best skin care product to use on your body as it helps relieve dry skin and helps keep it glowing.

Exfoliate your skin

If you need the courage to embrace your naked face then you should invest in beauty regiments which will help give you beautiful glowing skin. Exfoliation can make your skin look radiant and fresh because it kills off the dead skin cells, making room for new, younger fresher healthier skin to.

Eat healthy

What’s inside will spill out. What we put in our mouths on a daily basis can have a huge impact on our skin looks. Unhealthy eating can be the root cause of oily skin and pimples. And keep watch of what you eat can help give you healthy skin.

Get rid of pimples

One of the reasons most people wear makeup in the first place is to cover up any pimples they may have. You can get rid of a breakout by visiting your dermatologist. But if you prefer to get rid of them naturally you can scrub and exfoliate your skin. Or you can use a face mask made up of cucumbers, mild yoghurt and turmeric. These ingredients will help remove acne. Turmeric comes with antimicrobial properties which help fight off bacteria and treat pimples.

Drink water

In order to get the clear healthier skin, you need to drink plenty of water. Water will help you acquire glowing, healthy skin. Water keeps skin cells hydrated and removes toxins from the body.

It’s hard to get and maintain clear skin, because of our diets, the environment and our hormones. You may not have control over some aspects regarding your skin( e.g the weather), but you do have a say on what you put on it and how often you do it. When you decide to give your face the freedom to breathe it may seem strange at first but the rewards will be worth the sacrifice.

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