Winter Essentials

February 28, 2017


Winter comes with many negative connotations. Such as extremely low temperatures, shorter days, layers of clothing and mornings it’s so cold you can’t get out of bed. Winter does not have to be the season you dread. Yes, it may be chilly outside but it’s the perfect excuse to take out your stylish boots and leave your house in style.

We explore two ladies shoes you need in your wardrobe to always make a statement.

Doc Martens

Doc martens are ideal for every woman’s closet, they never come out of style and they last forever. Other shoes have to be replaced every few years because the sole cracks or they lose their shape. Doc martens are durable and tough. And it takes a lot for them to get damaged. Each generation has had a pair of these stylish leather shoes in their wardrobe.

They are the perfect shoe because they are comfortable and you can wear them with anything. You can pair them with ripped jeans or leggings. They will keep you looking good and feeling warm in the cold winter months. Doc martens prove why winter does not have to be drab. Unlike other boots like suede boots, they are fairly easy to maintain.

There is nothing like going to a shop and finding the shoes you have been longing for. When you get out the shop all you can think about is how good they will look with your amazing new outfit.

But some shoes need you to ease into them and take it slow. Doc martens are one of these. They are often tight and uncomfortable in the beginning and may cause blisters and swelling.

Ways to fit into your Doc Martins

In the first few days, wear your boots for short periods. Choose to wear the shoes in the morning rather than the afternoon. In the afternoon your shoes swell up causing pressure and ultimately blisters. If you wear them in the morning your feet are their natural size. But as the day goes, your feet sweat, you spend the day walking around and standing which causes them to swell up. This may cause friction and blisters. Wearing them in morning first will make your feet get used to the doc martens.

Wear them around the house first, walk around in them while you are cooking, or vacuuming your house. This will help you slowly break them in. And when you are at home you can take breaks from wearing them. Wearing them in short spurts in the beginning will help your shoes mould slowly to the shape of your feet.

Wear socks with your doc martens. This will help prevent any blisters and soreness. This will also help stretch the leather, so your feet can fit properly into the shoe. Make sure that the socks are thick so your feet won’t get hurt.

Doc martens have an extra inner layer in them that can be removed if you need more room for your feet to breathe.

Suede boots

Suede boots are stylish and comfortable and need to be in your closet. Whether they are ankle boots or knee-high you need to have them. The material is soft, sophisticated and chic. Suede boots are also delicate and need special attention.

Keep them away from water

You need to keep your suede boots far away from water. Suede is extremely sensitive to water. We do not have control over the weather, but try not to wear your suede boots on those rainy days.

If they do get water on them, wipe away at the water immediately. Use a paper towel or a damp cloth to wipe them.The longer you leave the water, the more damage it will cause.

Suede boots need room to breathe. Do not store them in containers or in a stuffy room such as a garage or bathroom. The humidity and dampness could cause damage to the material.

They should not be exposed to large amounts of sunlight. The more sunlight your suede boots get, the more their colour will fade. Since you do not want discoloured boots, wear them on cooler days.

If your suede boots have watermarks on them or stains, rather send them to a dry cleaner who can use their expertise to get them back to their natural state. At the end of the winter season take them to a professional who can dry clean them, your boots might have dirt that the naked eye can’t see.
All ladies love shoes. Shoes can make or break an outfit. And there is no way you can go wrong with these two types of boots. Depending on your mood for the day you can go casual with doc martens or chic and elegant with suede boots. Not only are these two boots stylish but they will keep you warm for those chilly winter days.

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