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Women who travel: destinations for inspiring solo travel

July 4, 2018

Travelling is an exciting and unique experience, one that can enrich your life and provide you with cherished memories. However, not many people see travel as something that one does alone but it can be equally as rewarding when you travel solo.


You will experience a place in a different way when you travel alone. It will allow you to immerse yourself fully, without worrying about what your travel companions want to do. If you are interested in inspiring destinations for solo travel, read below for some exciting suggestions.

The Karoo, Northern Cape

Many people travel to the Karoo with their families in their certified used cars in South Africa, but it can be an inspiring place for solo travellers too. Here you will find a diverse array of flora and fauna to gaze on, and because it is a more rural area, there is no city noise to distract you from taking time out to reflect and experience self-growth.


If you are planning on staying in the Karoo area for a few days, then you should look into hiring one of the many second-hand cars in South Africa to drive around the area in, as the sun can reach unbearable temperatures which make hiking and walking difficult. Book into a bed-and-breakfast or guesthouse and spend time drinking in the scenery and relaxing. Remember to pack your camera as you will not want to miss any of the stunning vistas you will see in the area.

Balule Satellite Park, Kruger National Park

There is something intimate and wild about camping on your own. You are able to let go and experience nature on your own, which is why the Balule Satellite Park should be at the top of your list of campsites to visit.


There are only 18 campsites in total, with the sites and the rondavels on the land based near the fence of the park, forming a protective barrier between you and the hyenas that roam the park at night. It is named after the Tsonga word for Olifants River, and from the campsite you will be able to see the gorgeous Kruger Park landscapes and experience the unique wildlife of the area. It is ideal for solo women travellers because it is safely protected within the park.

Clarens, Free State

With its idyllic village charm, Clarens is the perfect place to stop off and spend time unwinding on your own. You will find an array of quaint eateries, fun-filled activities and even some art galleries to peruse on lazy weekend afternoons.


Clarens has a tight-knit community, which means that it provides safety for solo women travellers. You will find the locals friendly and open, and the views breathtaking and pleasantly rustic. Find a guesthouse or bed-and-breakfast in the centre of town and you will be able to walk to and from the coffee shops and stores with ease. The tranquillity of Clarens will allow you to reconnect with yourself and spend time experiencing cultural activities that you enjoy.

Jacobsbaai, Western Cape

If you enjoy spending time on the beach, watching the waves roll in or sitting on the rocks while the sun sets into the bay, then Jacobsbaai is the perfect place for solo travel. It is a quiet town, without the huge crowds of tourists to make it uncomfortable but with enough safety that you will be able to walk around town without worry.


If you own one of the many certified used cars in South Africa, you will certainly want to make a return trip to Jacobsbaai. You will be able to spend time strolling the sands of the beach or feast on deliciously fresh seafood from the local restaurants. As a women travelling solo, there is nothing more refreshing or revitalising than spending time at the beach. Here, you are able to connect to the world and allow the serenity of the sea help you to truly relax.

Waterberg, Limpopo

When we think of solo travel, a safari is not often the trip that comes to mind. But, what could be better than spending time in nature seeing animals that we are not usually exposed to? It can be quite a liberating experience to see the rolling safari landscapes on your own, without the worry of whether your travelling partner is enjoying themselves or not.


You will find that many of the safari lodges in the area offer solo birding, hiking and game driving options to travellers who are not in groups, and you can even treat yourself to an indulgent spa day. Capturing the scenery of Waterberg is an important part of the journey, as you will be able to see a diverse array of animals and unique flora. The rugged bushveld landscape is the perfect foil to a busy city life, so be prepared for the ultimate in relaxation when you arrive.

Not all those who wander are lost

Solo travel for women is one of the best ways to discover not only the country but yourself in the process. You will be able to spend more time in the town you are in, without the rush of travel companions’ schedules. The locals will be happy to help you and show you around, and you will find a favourite coffee store or book nook to spend time relaxing in. Remember to bring along your camera to capture all the scenery you are soaking up, as well as your sunscreen when travelling during the warmer months.  

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