Your guide to buying him jewellery

June 12, 2015


It is a common dilemma women find themselves in: what gift to give him? Men have it easier. They can walk in to any jewellery store and (assuming he knows her taste) is confronted by a plethora of gift options.

The thing is that you can get him jewellery as well. Not convinced? We’ll guide you.

The basic principle of men’s jewellery

Of course it practically goes without saying that we do not live in a homogenous society and especially when it comes to issues of gender there will always be exceptions. Here we are simply going to talk about rough generalities though.

With that disclaimer out the way…

Men and women typically do not wear the same type of jewellery, so don’t expect to buy him something you would choose for yourself.

Perhaps the most important principle is that men’s jewellery style is usually a lot more subtle. This is especially useful to remember when buying him something because the more subtle your gift, the less risk you have of buying him something he wouldn’t be caught dead in.

The more familiar you are with his personal style, however, the more you can veer away from this essential principle. In other words, if you really know he likes something a little flashier then go ahead. Otherwise, always err on the side of understated and simple. Even if he doesn’t typically wear jewellery, he could be persuaded to if the piece in question is subtle enough not to scare him too much.

What kind of jewellery?

Besides subtlety, the other piece of advice is that there are certain “safe” jewellery options for men like cufflinks, watches, belt buckles and tie clips. If he has pierced ears (or other body parts) you could consider that avenue, but bear in mind that men will often wear the same piece every day as part of their signature look.

Rings are another option, but once again you have to take into consideration his style. Sometimes wedding bands for men are the only jewellery that will ever adorn their fingers, while other men have no problem wearing rings.

Respect his personal style

We could talk about the merits of men’s jewellery and fashion until we are blue in the face, but that won’t help you choose him a gift if you don’t have a clue about his personal style. For instance, some men see a chain necklace as an essential part of their look, while other men dislike it. By being familiar with his usual fashion choices, you would know whether a new eyebrow stud or a classy cufflink is the way to go.

Don’t try to force him to wear something you think would look good on him if it’s not in line with his personal style. Jewellery is a very personal thing. While he might wear it once to appease you, he won’t wear it regularly just because “it goes with his eyes”.

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