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March 2015


Ensuring safety on the playground

March 31, 2015

The playground is more than just that place where your children have fun. The playground is also an important arena for your children to learn many valuable skills, such as coordination, sharing and facing your fears. As a parent, you might be concerned about the potential risk of playgrounds, especially when they have jungle gyms.  Seeing as how the playground is such an essential component in your child’s healthy development, you wouldn’t want them to miss out, but you do…

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Basic equipment you’ll need before exercising

March 26, 2015

Starting a new sport or exercise routine can be a daunting prospect. Not having the correct equipment can be an excuse we use to avoid starting a new healthy lifestyle. There is basic equipment that each sport or exercise needs. The sooner you buy these and make them part of your life, the sooner you’ll be able to make a habit of making exercise a part of your life.   Running Running is one of the most simplest exercises to…

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 Keep kids busy during Easter

March 13, 2015

The Easter Holidays are coming up and parents everywhere need to find some way to entertain their children – after all, Easter is a holiday and parents would want some time to themselves, since just because they’re off business work, doesn’t mean they should be constantly there doing parent work. As the years have shown, it’s a lucrative business to cater to kids. Looking at England, data shows some interesting figures: “Parents under pressure to keep children entertained during the…

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Local fashion bloggers show us how to accessorise like a pro

March 12, 2015

Fashion blogging is huge around the world and South Africa is no exception. Bloggers are invited to all the hottest events and parties, and show up looking super stylish. The recent Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg was no exception. All of the top bloggers showed up looking like fashion royalty. They can teach us a thing or two about always looking amazingly put-together and how to accessorise like our lives depend on it. These are the hot fashion trends to…

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Talking to him about breast augmentation – for himself

March 10, 2015

Have you heard about the guy who made a bet for $100,000 to keep a set of 38C breast implants for a year? Unfortunately some men face this reality for the rest of their lives – without the money. Man boobs, also commonly known as moobs, are a sensitive topic for most men. They often shy away from the issue, so if you have a loved one who wants to get rid of his moobs, speak to him about breast…

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