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November 2017


Drones and the future

November 20, 2017

Drones are increasingly becoming popular in all sectors. Literally all sectors of life. Military, commercial, personal… you name it and there’s likely a drone operating in it. No need to wonder anymore about where we are and where the future is headed when it comes to drones because here is everything you need to know. Delivery Whether it’s your pepperoni pizza or those bathroom sets that you ordered online, the future brings drone delivery. Instead of your opening your door,…

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Easy ways to boost confidence

November 16, 2017

It’s not always about being down in the dumps and needing that extra something to get you out and back into the swing of things. When you want to boost your confidence, you really don’t need to have a reason, just think of it as a way to better your quality of life. Because when you’re feeling confident, you’re more productive, your overall attitude is happier, you are less anxious when it comes to social interactions, and you’re working on…

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Typical “out of school” girl experiences

November 14, 2017

Not every girl is the same and, obviously, we all experience life and things differently. But at the same time, there are certain things that we all kind of go through on our way. Ask the ladies in your life or just continue reading if you want to know what you can expect when you finally leave school or if you just want to reminisce as a lady long out of school.   The hair First thing is first, change…

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She’s Got Sole: A history of the high-heeled shoe

November 10, 2017

Every woman knows that the perfect high-heeled shoe can work wonders for an outfit, elevating it from “wow” to “WOAH”, but there is an interesting history behind the humble stiletto, one that has a surprising origin story to boot. They were originally used by – and intended for – men This may come as a huge surprise for those who see high heels as an invention by men for the objectification of women, but high heeled shoes were originally used…

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Prepare your skin for the winter season

November 3, 2017

After the intense heat of summer, winter is a welcome relief to most of us. Now in the changing of the season, we need to start thinking about our skincare routine and how it too should change as the weather does. You see, your skin – no matter how healthy you believe it to be – takes a beating from the weather. Many of us pay a lot of attention to protecting our skin during summertime. We’re flooded with information…

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