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5 cost effective ways to enjoy a summer’s day

January 3, 2017

Summer is here and we all want to make the most of the beautiful weather outside. Spending time with our family and friends is important but can often become a costly thing. If you think about it, going to a restaurant or doing an activity outdoors can be rather pricey. There are so many ways of enjoying the summer in the outdoors without feeling the burn in your back pocket.


  1. Day at beach


It’s 33 degrees outside and you are starting to feel the sweat drip down your back. Your friends are urging you to join them in heading down to the beach. Where you would usually hit a fancy beach bar and sip on cocktails until sunset, now you are going to take a more budget friendly approach. Get each friend to bring snacks or cool drinks to the value of R50. Once you are on the beach layout all the different goodies and everyone can tuck into a picnic. You can pre-make a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail and put them in plastic cups. This is super refreshing and will cost a fraction of the amount of what one in a restaurant will. It’s also so much more pleasant to sit on the beach itself with your friends and enjoy a good meal, made with love. And if this doesn’t sell you on the idea, think about the amazing food pictures you can take for Instagram.


  1. Pool party


Know a friend with a pool? It is time to utilise that pool this summer! Gone are the days where you head to a fancy hotel and pay to use their rooftop infinity pool. Being budget-conscious doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life, it just means enjoying life while being cautious of spending on needs versus wants. Ask your friends to bring their pool inflatables with, buy a few paper plates and cups and get a few snacks going. There is no better way to connect with friends in this summer heat than from a turquoise blue pool. Add some great music to the mix and you have a party that everyone will be talking about at school!  


  1. Braai day


Living in South Africa means that braaing is something that you do almost weekly. Whether it be a quick weekly meal on the braai or a boys night around the fire. Braaing is a part of our culture and heritage. This summer, why not organise a braai day at your house? Organising it doesn’t cost a lot of money. As the host, it is only common decency to provide a few snacks and possibly a pre-drink, such as a cocktail, but you can state that your friends bring their own meat. This is also called a “bring and braai.” Received a Weber braai for Christmas? Get one of your friends to show you how to use a Weber braai properly and get the festivities started. It is easy to use, clean and it makes for a really gas or wood braai.


  1. Day at the dam


Love floating on water, but not a fan of the beach? Get your family together and head down to your local dam. There are many dams around Cape Town that are open to the public. Whether you just want to tan on the edge of the dam or spend the day swimming or water skiing, being outdoors is all that counts. If you are used to going to the dam and then heading out to a fancy wine farm with the family, why not try a more budget friendly approach? Pack in a fresh fruit salad, a delicious pasta salad and refreshing juice to keep the thirst at ease. Your family will be kept satisfied and it would have cost you a fraction of what a wine farm would have.


  1. Forest walk


Being outdoors in nature has a way of relaxing the soul. It is soothing to be able to just relax and take in the sights and smells of nature. Instead of heading out to theme parks and busy markets, why not go with your friends to a local forest? You can spend the day walking between the pine trees, picnicking and just enjoying the surroundings. Look online for walks that are in your area and carpool with your friends to the forest for the day. Once you are there, enjoy a hike followed by lunch at one of your friends houses. Get all of your friends to chip in and make a meal such as hot dogs that won’t break the bank.

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