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6 bras every woman should own

January 5, 2017

Bra shopping can go two ways. It can be a great experience where your options are endless and you end up walking away with more than you went in to buy. Or it can be a struggle and absolutely nothing looks good or feels great. But, no matter which way your shopping trip goes, most women need to own bras.

But did you know that you shouldn’t simply own two bras that you wear on rotation for months at a time, until you have to replace them? There are different types of bras that should be worn in specific situations. For example, if you’re shopping for Triumph bras in South Africa, you should be looking for these six types (depending on your lifestyle).   

Sports bra

You can’t exercise in the same bra you go out for drinks in. Unless of course, you go out in the Triumph sports bra you bought online when you joined the gym. Which we all know is unlikely. The reason you need a specific bra for exercising is because it offers support and comfort when you need it most. They hold your breasts in the same position, whether you’re running up a mountain, jogging on the treadmill or doing weights.

When looking for a sports bra, don’t look for something pretty. Nobody is going to see it when you’re working out. Choose something that fits properly, is comfortable and offers secure support. When you’re trying on sports bras, you should jump and move around with fast, jerky motions. You may feel silly doing this in the changing room of a lingerie or sports store, but it’s important you do this so you know you’re making the right purchase.

Strapless bra

If you wear strapless dresses or dresses with thin straps, you’re going to need one of these. You may not care who sees your bra straps when you’re grocery shopping. But when you’re attending a formal work event or your best friend’s wedding, you want to look your best. A strapless bra is not necessarily a boob tube bra. If you have small breasts, you can get away with one of these, but if you have a larger cup size, you’ll need a strapless bra with support.

Once again, don’t choose the prettiest bra or the first one you find. You need to make sure it stays in one place and won’t slip down when you’re strutting your stuff on the dancefloor. Wiggle a little when you’re trying it on to test it.

Nude bra

If you wear white, this one is a must. Many people believe that you should wear a white bra under a white shirt but that’s not the case. You can still see the bra through your shirt. Find a nude bra that is similar to your skin tone (you get darker and lighter shades of nude for this reason). This way it won’t be visible beneath your top and you’ll feel comfortable.

When you purchase a nude bra, take along a white top to test it in. Put the shirt on over it and look carefully to see whether it’s still visible.

Work bra

This may sound silly but having a specific type of bra for work is a great idea. If you sit at a desk all day, you’ll need something comfortable. You also want something plain, without bright or overly decorative straps (in case one slips out your neckline without you noticing). Your bra for work doesn’t need to be attractive. It should mainly keep your breasts in place and support them so you’re comfortable and can focus on your work.

Maternity bra

Of course, you only need this one if you’re actually pregnant or have recently given birth. You may think you can simply go up a size or two as your breasts grow along with your pregnancy. But this is most certainly not the case. Your breasts will become more sensitive than they’ve ever been before. Which is why you need a special bra that will protect them. So, for example, when you’re looking at bras, don’t settle for anything that doesn’t offer full support.

You will also find that, towards the end of your pregnancy and after the baby is born, you will start to lactate. A proper maternity bra will stop the liquid seeping through your shirt. They may not always be the most attractive bras but, let’s be honest here, that shouldn’t be a priority.

Sexy bra

It doesn’t matter if anyone is going to see it, every woman should have a sexy bra. It’s not about appealing to somebody else. It’s about feeling good when you go out. Whether you want a black padded bra or a lacy red one, it should be something that makes you feel confident and sexy. Of course, it all depends on what you define as “sexy” and it should suit your personality.    

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