6 smart ways to save money on clothes

August 17, 2017


Shopping for clothes is always fun and expressive but can also be quite expensive. It can be easy to just not buy new clothes, right? But clothing quickly gets worn out or outdated. Besides, work and other special occasions might require you to invest in your wardrobe. Gaining and losing weight are also some of the challenges you might face. However, you can make your clothing budget count more by keeping the clothes you love longer. That way you might also spend less on new clothing.

Buying clothes can certainly run up your budget. It’s especially true of you love shopping. Besides, many people find it difficult to shop for clothes without blowing their budget. However, there are many smart things you can do to save and still be fashionable too. Here are a few of those things.

Shop out of season

Many find it exciting to buy clothing items pre-season. If you’re buying in anticipation of what’s next, you’ll end up paying the maximum retail price for clothes. It’s important to be smart about this. Instead, shop for the season that’s not around the corner. That way you’ll get a much better price on clothes. It might feel weird to buy a jersey in the summer but it’ll save you a lot of money when it comes to winter. So, that means you won’t run to the shopping center’s when new clothes hit the racks. You should shop for your winter clothes in summer and vice versa. And if you always keep an eye on the fashion trends, you might even shop trending items on a bargain.

If you don’t love it, don’t buy it

This is a simple rule that many fail to follow. If you personally don’t think the item is great and fantastic, simply don’t buy it. Why would you want to pay for something that’s just okay? It’s important to take a long look at the cost per wear of every item before buying it. If you want to invest in an expensive designer dress that you’ll only wear once or twice a year, make sure it’s something you love and wouldn’t mind wearing again. This is why it’s important to buy quality items.

Shop online

Online shopping are becoming more and more popular these days. And online retailers are even more creative to score big with shoppers. For starters, if you subscribe to a specific website, you’re likely to get a discount. And as time goes on, you might also receive coupon vouchers. It’s important to make use of these discounts if you want to save money on clothes. Online shops offer everything from shoes and clothes to underwear and accessories. You should just do proper research about deals and discounts. Also, shop at registered online shops only. For instance, you can buy active or underwear from Triumph as they are a well-known website. Not only are they a registered website but also safer to shop at. There are many other amazing discount apparel sites you should check out. Do your homework before making a purchase.

Wait before you buy

If you love a specific clothing item now, chances are you’ll love it later. Just keep an eye on that item and buy it as soon as it goes on sale. It might get sold out in the store but they can always order more. And chances are you won’t have to wait a long time before it goes on sale. Retailers usually try to move items fast to make space for new ones. So, that means even brand new items can get marked down quickly. Whenever possible, you should avoid buying items at their full price. Whether it takes a week or a month, its prices will drop.

Shop trends quickly

Whatever clothing pieces you decide to buy will largely depends on your budget and the season, of course. There are a few trends that will pass quickly and that should be avoided by the budget-conscious. And therefore it’s important to spend your money on quality clothing pieces. Make sure it’s pieces you can update again. It’s also important to look for deals instead of trendier looks.

Care about your clothes

This might sound stupid but taking care of your clothes will help them last longer. You should use gentle fabrics and try to avoid the dryer if possible. This is especially needed when it comes to those designer jeans. It’s also important to hang and fold clothes properly. Many avoid the clothing care tags but they are there for a reason, so read them to take better care of your clothes.

There are many more ways to save money when buying clothes, start by taking a looking at these six. You should adopt a strategy of buying fewer and better clothes. Doing that will result in a lower wardrobe budget.

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