6 Tips for living with your best friend

March 24, 2017

Living with your bestie can have many benefits, not only do you experience sharing the company of your best friend but you learn to share the expenses that come with adulting. However, it’s not always as easy as it might seem. Living with your best friend can do more harm than good if you have both not set up boundaries, rules and have a clear understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities. Here are six tips for moving in with your best friend.

Have a chat

While the thought of moving in together and living in each others space 24/7 might sound really great, if you haven’t discussed each person’s roles it might lead to unnecessary quarrels and nastiness. Take time to sit down with your best friend and discuss the moving in arrangements. Use this time to discuss a suitable moving in date, how rent and electricity will be paid and “house rules”.

Create a list of “house rules”

Once you’ve verbally discussed these house rules, it’s important to have them down on paper. Having house rules isn’t to create a prison atmosphere but rather to create an environment where everyone understands what the rules are and respects the other person’s needs. Helpful things to discuss would be, for example, cooking and kitchen rules, when you can and cannot have guests around and any cultural/religious etiquette. Make sure that you thoroughly understand each other and that you can come to an agreement before you actually take the big step of moving in together. Be understanding of the other person’s requirements and ensure that they understand and respect yours. Type out all the house rules and ensure that both you and your friend have a copy of them. You can also print out a copy and put it somewhere in the house if you both feel that the rules might be forgotten.

Talk about food

There’s nothing worse than coming home at 2am, ready to devour everything in the fridge, opening it up to find your Nutella half empty, your favourite slab of chocolate missing and no milk. It’s important to discuss the terms of food ownership. Is it every man for himself and are you labelling food items? Or do you take turns buying and preparing meals? Just make sure you’re both on the same page so that you can prevent the typical question: “Did you eat my yoghurt?”


Fights over money can get really ugly really fast. So the rule here is to keep it organised and formal. You must be able to separate your friendship and the lease agreement that you both share. Rent and utilities should always be paid on time, with each person’s responsibilities and due dates clearly communicated in advance, and then abided by. State these payments due as in the house rules if needed so that everyone is aware of when the next payment is due.

Cleaning roster

Living with a roommate means that you will quickly learn what cleaning up is about. Whether you like it or not you’ll have to sometimes bite your teeth and pick up your friend’s tea cup off the floor or a towel that she’s forgotten to hang up. But, constant messiness isn’t something you should have to deal with. You’re not her mother. You’re her best friend. Create a cleaning roster that clearly states each person’s responsibilities around the house. You can decide how often these chores will be done and which parts of the house belongs to who. This list should include the basics such as each person’s room, bathroom area and other shared spaces but also things that we often forget to clean. This includes the fridge, floor length curtains, the shower and behind the washing machine. Having a cleaning roster will really save you your sanity and once each person is in a cleaning routine it should go smoothly.

TV room

You might think that you’d want to come home after work and watch series with your bestie until midnight. But, the truth is there are going to be times where you’re going to want to be left alone to watch something on your own. If you can afford it, try having a television in each of your bedrooms, this way you can watch tv together in one room or spend quality time alone with when needed. A quick way to start an argument is fighting over watching Mean Girls for the tenth time.


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