7 Pamper party tips

October 27, 2017

skin careWhether it is your birthday you want to celebrate or if you just feel like having a night with the girls, pamper sessions are always fun. It’s an excuse to treat your hands and feet to some well-deserved love without spending large amounts at a spa. Organising a home pamper session with your girls can be loads of fun and a relatively inexpensive event too. Here are a few tips that will guide you in creating an amazing pamper session to rival a plush salon experience any day.

  1. Invitations

Prepare your pamper party well in advance. Make sure that the date is available for all of your friends to join in and then create an invite. It is always fun to personally design something and hand it to your friends in person. Alternatively, you can email your invite out or even create a private Facebook event page, most importantly create a design that sets the tone for your event. Make sure the invites have an RSVP date so that you can prepare accordingly.

  1. Have a welcome drink ready

When your friends just arrive there is no better way to welcome them than with a fresh summer drink. Find pretty glasses to serve them in and throw in an umbrella straw. An example of a summer drink you can make is a berry mix. Blend mixed berries together and add soda water and ice to the glass with a piece of lemon. Your friends will feel refreshed and full of energy. If the pamper party is during the evening, find out which of your friends would like to add a shot of vodka to their drinks.

  1. Pedicure stations

Once your friends have settled down and said their hello’s, it is time to start with plush pedicures. Before their arrival lay out a few foot stations. This includes plastic baths for soaking your feet, towels, foot scrub and a moisturiser. A good moisturiser for dry and chapped skin is Ingram’s The Skin Doctor. Buy a jar and let each person rub it into their feet after the session. Each person can bring their own foot scrubber and slippers. To set the tone, play relaxing music in the background and light a few candles. You want the mood to be as relaxing as possible. Your friends are bound to have the most incredible time if the atmosphere is set in such a way that everyone is calm and relaxed.

  1. Nailpolish corner

Once the pedicures are all done it is time to tackle the manicures. Set up a nail bar and let everyone bring their own nail polishes and nail kits. Put your friends into pairs and encourage each pair to do each other’s nails. Think of having bright summer colours on display. Don’t worry if you are not a nail specialist, the idea of a pamper party is just to have fun. So get creative with colours, nail art and glitter.

  1. Treats

By now your nails are looking amazing and your friends are gleaming with happiness. They are most probably feeling quite snackish. Think of a few small snack items that will suit everyone’s dietary needs. Make them the night before and store them in the fridge until lunch time. To add to the colourful summer theme, think of colourful snacks. Cut delicious fruit into blocks and add them to colourful bowls. Mangos, grapes and berries make a great snack. You can also make roasted veg and feta wraps and cut them into pieces. This is quick and easy finger foods that will fill the spot. Lay the items on platter boards on a table in the garden. Scatter the table cloth with a few rose petals, this adds a feminine touch and looks really pretty.

  1. Massage

After lunch tell the girls it is massage time. A good idea is to hire a massage therapist to come and do shoulder massages for an hour. This way each friend will get a few minutes of massaging. Place a chair in one of the extra bedrooms and let each friend have a turn at going to get a massage. While this is going on you can serve tea and coffee to your friends. This time allows everyone to catch up and chat.

  1. Gift from the heart

When the day of pampering has come to an end you and your friends will be feeling relaxed and glowing. You have spent the day with your friends that mean the most to you. Everyone feels refreshed and energised. There is no better way to thank your friends for spending the day with you than with a personal letter. Write each person a letter thanking them for their friendship and add a few rose petals in the envelope. This will make the letter smell great and add to the overall theme of the event. Your friends are bound to remember this party and be asking you when the next one is.

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