7 ways to revamp your room on a budget

January 18, 2017

If you find yourself looking around your bedroom and you are not completely happy with what you see then perhaps it is time to do a revamp. To help you get started, here are seven tips to revamp your bedroom on a budget.


  1. Drape fairy lights


Fairy lights add a calming effect to a room. They can be draped along your bed frame or hung on the wall above your bed. White fairy lights can be bought at most home decor shops and are fairly cheap. Be creative and hang them in a way that they spell out a word or spruce up your chandelier by adding fairy lights for extra twinkle.


  1. Accessorise it


If you are on a budget, a clever way to make your room look funkier is to display your accessories. Hammer two nails into your wall at 50 cm apart from one another and fasten a colourful ribbon between the two nails. Now go ahead and add a few of your favourite pairs of earrings and necklaces to hang on the ribbon. It not only frees clutter but prevents your jewellery from tangling. It also creates a feature wall which will get your friends talking.


If you are going for the  Scandinavian home decor theme, then a real great but budget-friendly idea is to hang a piece of driftwood on your wall. Screw hooks into the wood and hang your necklaces from that. The texture from the wood will add to the overall atmosphere of the room and give the space a natural and rustic feel.


  1. Lift your bed off the ground


This might sound a little strange, but beds that are off the ground are extremely popular. A budget-friendly way to achieve this is to go to a local farm and collect wine pallets. Get them treated and then stack them under your bed. This will give your room a rustic, authentic look and feel.Also this provides additional storage space where you can keep books and magazines. Once your bed has been given a makeover, it is time to make sure your bedding is up to standards. Look online for where to buy bedding sets on a sale and find a colour that suits your theme and style. Choose a colour that will match the walls and curtains. It is important that you choose a colour that will last and that will not go out of season quickly. Colours that go well in the bedroom include neutrals,  pale blues, mint green, dusty rose, taupes, pale greys and lavenders.


  1. Painted frames


Instead of including bright colours in your bedding and curtains, include bright colours elsewhere. Look in antique stores for old frames that have had the glass taken out of them. Paint them in brights colours, distress them with Annie Sloan chalk paints or spray paint them in a metallic copper or gold. Once they are dry, add them to a certain spot in your room. You can now go ahead and add polaroids on the wall with the frame around them. This adds a super trendy, artistic side to your room but remains a cost-effective style addition. Another budget-friendly idea is to print your favourite movie or life quotes and place them in the frames.


  1. Bashew box storage space


If you are tired of having your shoes and books lying about, yet your cupboards are always overflowing then it is time to start adding more storage space. Buying a new cupboard can be very pricey and cardboard boxes look terrible. A great alternative, and one that is trendy, is Bashew Boxes. These are wooden boxes that can be found at most second hand and antique stores. Adding a few of these on top of one another behind your door area will keep things neat and tidy. Laminate labels for your shoes, books, magazines and accessories and stick them on with double sided tape. This will keep your room looking tidy and stylish.


  1. Indoor plants


Adding an indoor plant to your room will give your room more life. You can pick up an indoor plant for a really good price at your local nursery or you could look online for someone moving and giving away plants for free. Find a pot that suits your room’s theme and then place it somewhere where it gets the recommended amount of light. Pick something that doesn’t need too much maintenance so that you don’t have to water it daily.

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