Adding wooden textures to your home

January 27, 2017

Page through any home decor magazine and you will notice that wooden textures have become very popular. Whether it be actual wood or textures that represent wood, this natural element is trending right now and seems it’s here to stay.  Adding wooden items to your home doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise or difficult task. Adding a few simple items to each room will help to include this natural element as a part of your houses natural theme. Here are six ways to add wooden textures to your home.


  1. In the lounge


One easy way to bring wood into the home environment is through shelving. A type of shelving that is very popular now is floating shelves. Adding a floating shelf in your house will immediately make the room more stylish and on-trend. Try to go for a more worn out wooden texture and try adding them in various lengths and thicknesses. Floating shelves are perfect for storing books on, showcasing a statement piece of art, showing off beautiful lamps or adding a few indoor plants to include some greenery to your interior. Another easy and inexpensive way to add wood to your lounge area is by incorporating a wooden stump. Once you have found a stump, sand it down and treat it. Then place it somewhere in the lounge where it can stand as a statement piece. You can put a fancy, decorative lamp on top of the wooden stump or a vase with fresh garden flowers.


  1. In the bedroom


If you are wanting to add wooden textures to your bedroom, consider adding a few decorations that include wood in them. A quick and easy DIY project is a necklace shelf. Use a piece of driftwood and nail it to your wall. Then hang your necklaces from it. This will not only create a feature wall but will stop your jewellery from knotting. You can also look at adding a wooden vase and wooden clothing hangers in your cupboards. Another way to add a wooden item to the bedroom is by adding a wooden headboard. Find a second-hand one for sale online and fit it up, or have one made specifically for your room. You can treat it with varnish or sand it down and leave it looking rustic. To personalise it you can pin photos to it or add a hang a string of fairy lights from it.  This will give a new feeling to the bedroom and give it an overall rustic edge. If you want to take it a step further, then adding laminate wooden flooring to this space is a great option too. Laminate flooring varies in price but has a very long lifespan and durable. It is also easy to clean and maintain.


  1. In the bathroom


Adding wooden textures to your bathroom area does not have to be a challenge. Start by looking for a bathroom mirror which has a rustic wooden frame around it. If you are looking for more storage space in the bathroom, try adding a Bashew Box under the sink which contains all the bathroom essentials, such as shampoo and conditioner.


  1. On the patio


There are many options for wooden furniture that can be incorporated in your outside area. An affordable way to do so is by purchasing recycled furniture created from old wood pallets. Add a pallet table on your patio and put a few Bashew Boxes on top of it. You can store magazines and books in these boxes. Another DIY project for the patio area is adding a wooden fence around the patio area. This will close off the patio area and protect it from wind and dust as well as give the area more privacy. You can add a few wooden accessories which will stand on the table. Decorations such as a wooden bowl or vase make a great statement piece and can be picked up at a second-hand market.


  1. In the garden


Now that you have added this trend to your home, it’s time to add wooden items to your garden. These can include small things such as wooden bird feeders. If you have green fingers and space that you can allocate for a vegetable garden, then making one in a wooden pallet box would be great. Find a wooden pallet box made that will fit into the space you have available and grow seasonal vegetables. Make sure the pallet is treated and that it allows for proper drainage. Gardening out of wooden boxes has become very trendy and it is an easy thing to do, especially if you don’t have a big outdoor area.

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