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Cheap ways to spruce up your garden

July 7, 2016

Unlike a house that needs a good spring clean and a declutter, sprucing up a garden is much more fun. Hard work will go into cleaning up your garden, but it comes with the added benefit of making you feel like a professional landscaper. If you have a garden or patio area, no matter the size, there are tons of ways you can make it look more appealing.


Add an abundance of colour


Colourful plants will bring your garden to life. It doesn’t matter which plant type you choose, as long as it is a bright, bold colour. Old pot plants can be painted different colours and placed on your patio. Paint your wooden fencing white to bring out the colour in your flowers.


Nourish your lawn


It’s recommended to fertilise your lawn between one to four times a year. Fertilisers nourishe your grass making it look healthier as it fills up bare patches and prevents weeds. The fertiliser will also give your lawn a long lasting appeal to foot traffic, pets and pests. Reasonably priced fertilisers can be bought from supermarkets, plant nurseries or hardware stores.


Light up the beauty


Garden lighting adds character and dimension to a garden. Warm summer nights are great for sitting out in the garden with lights glowing around you. You can choose from a range of battery operated lamps, solar-powered lights, tea lights or lamps, many of which can be staked into the ground. Drape string lights around a plant or patio furniture to add a fairy-like feel to your garden.


Attract birds to your garden


A good water feature doesn’t need to be fancy and expensive. It can be as simple as putting a bird bath in the middle of the lawn. Seeing the birds visit your garden to wash themselves will be a great treat for the kids.


No need for green fingers


You don’t need to a pro at gardening to implement ideas and planting. Scrubbing the patio after winter or painting the woodwork can instantly breathe new life back into your outdoor space. Get everyone involved and make it a fun filled activity with the children. Hand them a trowel or brush and get them to help out. If you’re heading out to the plant nursery, be sure to have them tag along to learn about flowers and plants.


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