Easy ways to boost confidence

November 16, 2017

It’s not always about being down in the dumps and needing that extra something to get you out and back into the swing of things. When you want to boost your confidence, you really don’t need to have a reason, just think of it as a way to better your quality of life.

Because when you’re feeling confident, you’re more productive, your overall attitude is happier, you are less anxious when it comes to social interactions, and you’re working on bettering your mental health. And here’s how you can do exactly that…

Impress yourself not others

Be selfish about your self-confidence, you’ve earned it and it’s not about what anybody else thinks about you. It’s about what you think of yourself. So what are you going to do to impress yourself?

First of all, it’s free and painless to stand and sit up straight. Just by improving your posture, you automatically begin to feel more powerful and confident in what you’re doing. Whether it’s talking to a colleague in the office, or walking down the aisles of the grocery store. Walk tall, stomach in, chest out and strut your stuff wherever you go. Walk with purpose and feel the power.

Now that your posture speaks “confidence”, slap on some lipstick and let your mouth speak it too. But don’t stop there. Find yourself a wardrobe that speaks to who you are, what you like and what makes you feel amazing every time you get dressed in the morning. Wear whatever you like and ignore what society has to say. Wear those stilettos to do your chores around the house. If it makes you feel great, then chin up and embrace the confidence that comes with it.


Our knowledge makes us feel confident. And if we constantly work towards increasing our skills and knowledge through beauty, communications, business or marketing courses (or any course that relates to your career or interests), we have every reason to be confident in what we know.

And even by staying updated in current affairs and the business of the world will boost our confidence when it comes to conversing with other people and being able to stimulate and hold conversations.

Good deeds

Being generous boosts your confidence as well. It’s a way of reassuring yourself that you are, in fact, a genuinely good person. Any random act of kindness, donation or volunteering effort classifies as a good deed and, generally, you’ll not only be boosting your own confidence, but that of the person or organisation you’re helping.

And with the number of people that are out there and in need, it’s not difficult to find a cause and do your part


Surrounding yourself with positivity starts within. Keep your mind and heart free from negative thoughts and feelings, it will only bring you down. And positivity is contagious. If you spread the good vibes and embrace the joy in your life, you’ll inspire others to do the same and strive for a happy life.

Once you’ve changed your mind from negative to positive, it’s time to make sure that the people in your life are also positive Pollys and not negative Nancys. The same principles of connecting a car’s battery apply to your positive mindset. You cannot connect the positive and negative cables or else they’ll explode. Your confidence and overall mental health will also be damaged if you continue to hang around the negative people in your life.

Achieve a goal

Doesn’t it feel amazing when you reach a goal that’s been staring you down for the past few months? Now, as important as it is to have long-term goals to strive towards, you can still get that confidence boost by setting (and achieving) small, everyday, goals.

Find something in every new day to do and achieve, and you can be proud of yourself for all your days to come. And these goals can be something as small as not eating your daily chocolate, smoking one less cigarette, not tripping up the stairs at work (like you always do), or even reaching a daily walking goal.

Love yourself

Last, but definitely not least on the list of ways to boost your confidence, is to love yourself. Love the way you look, love the way you dress, love the work you do, love the things you know, love the people in your life, love your quirks and love the way you can make yourself feel confident.

Self-love and self-confidence are your strongest weapons to equip you for every day. And once you love yourself, it’s super easy to be confident in everything you have to offer.

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