Eight wedding gifts on a budget

March 31, 2017

It is no surprise that attending a wedding can cost a lot of money. Not only do you need to fork out money for your outfit and transport to the wedding, but the gift as well. Often couples request expensive gifts from a registry, there are plenty of ways to get creative when giving a wedding gift. It isn’t compulsory to buy from the registry. So, think of a thoughtful gift idea which won’t break the bank. With weddings seeming to pop up quarterly, it’s important to plan ahead with these unique and affordable wedding gift ideas.

An iTunes Voucher

If you know your friends have iPhones then giving an iTunes voucher is something very special. The newly wedded couple can use it to purchase their favourite tracks and play it on their next road trip together. The voucher can be easily purchased and you can sign it off with your name and your congratulations message. This is a great gift idea and is sure to get the couple signing along together with the window down.

Canvas print

If you are a close friend of the engaged couple, you’ll probably have shared many amazing moments with them. Whether it be vacationing overseas, relaxing days by the pool or new year’s eve parties. Put together a collage of photos of the couple and have it printed on canvas. This is a great gesture and shows that you adore the memories you share with the couple. If your photos don’t make the cut because the quality is too bad or it includes too many wild nights out, why not contact the engagement photographer, if they had one, and get them to send you a few photos from their engagement shoot. This way you can print out a professional photograph and give it to them on their wedding day.


While this might sound like a gift without much thought, a voucher is actually a really amazing gift. If your engaged friends plan to move into a new home together after getting married, get them a furniture or home decorations voucher. This way they can choose what they want from the shop that you’ve chosen. If they are going overseas on a honeymoon then consider getting them a voucher to purchase camera gear such as a memory card, USB or a new camera bag. These items are exceptionally important when travelling and often are items that the couple forget to purchase.

Honeymoon hamper

Whether the couple is jetting off to Thailand or Tulbagh, a honeymoon is a very special time. Creating a honeymoon hamper will show that you care about the couple and know what they like. Things to add to the hamper include an extra large beach towel, sunblock, a few magazines and a slab of their favourite chocolate.

Home is where the heart is

After the couple’s honeymoon, the couple is going to return home and start making their house a home. A great gift idea is to give them something to add to their home. Think of giving them a box filled with scented candles, or a new bedding set or a large frame to hang on their bedroom wall. Giving them something to add to their home is a great idea as they’ll be able to decorate their home with all the new pieces.


Another great wedding gift idea on a budget is a cookbook. Not only will it be very useful to the new couple, but it’s a timeless book that can be used for years and years. You can even create your own cookbook specifically for the couple. Combine a few of their favourite recipes in a scrapbook and add personal notes and tips which they can read as they go through the book.

Gift basket

There’s nothing more special than giving someone a basket filled with their favourite picnic items. They can eat it on their way to the honeymoon or keep it for when they get back. Choose items which won’t go stale or off. Things that can be included in the basket are filter coffee, cheeses, jams, biscuits, biltong, dried fruit and nuts. This is a thoughtful gift and is bound to be remembered by the couple.


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