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Essential decor items every home should have

August 11, 2016

Essential decor items are like accessories to a good outfit. Dressing up your home in decor items will give it the necessary appeal which will add the finishing touches to a newly decorated home. From minor detail to a significant amount of embellishments, whichever you decide to incorporate into your livingroom or bedroom, it needs to tie in with the surrounding area of the room. Here’s how to add a tasteful amount of decor to any room in your house.


A vibrant bookshelf


Forget having a boring old bookshelf in your living room. If you’re a lover of books and want to display your range of literature, a stunning bookshelf will draw attention to the books on display. A bookshelf is a way of inviting book lovers into a room. If your space is too small for a classic bookshelf, floating shelves will work perfectly for your space.


An eye catching headboard


Your bedroom is a private sanctuary you can to spend all your time in. It should have a peaceful atmosphere that’s inviting and beautiful. You should be able to walk in and feel relaxed. Our eyes generally focus on the bed first before anything else when entering a room. A beautifully sculpted headboard will give your bedding an added lift and add depth to your room.


Matching bathroom sets


The bathroom is the the space in the house which can be forgotten about until you need to make use of it. Incorporate bathroom sets which match the rest of your decor style or completely change it up for an unique look. Do away with the plastic accessories and fill up your space with beautiful porcelain items.


Feature plants


Whether it’s a hanging plant or pot plants in the corner, you need a fresh touch of mother nature in your home. Pot plants last longer than flowers and the greenery will liven up the space. Pot plants can be put anywhere in your home, even the bathroom. In fact, to really bring your home alive, place a pot plant in every room of your home. If your kitchen window draws enough sunlight, place your self grown herbs in your windowsill.


Art pieces


If you have homemade art or sculptures, display them in beautiful portraits in your home. There’s nothing wrong with admiring your own work. Each piece will have a memory attached to it and will evoke any feelings that come along with it.

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