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Gift ideas for fashionista friends

January 25, 2019

Buying a gift for your friend shows that you care. It could be anything, from a small trinket to celebrate your friendship or it could be a large gift to commemorate a special occasion. But, when it comes to choosing gifts for the fashionista in your life, it can prove difficult. Luckily, there are several malls in South Africa where you can spend hours looking for the perfect gift.

Start by going to the shopping malls in Cape Town such as the popular Canal Walk shopping centre, where there are dozens of fashion shops. And shopping in Cape Town can be a fun and exciting experience. Stop off at one of the coffee shops in the mall and grab something to eat in between searching for the ideal gift, or you could buy something for yourself at the same time. So, no idea where to even start looking? Read on for some top gift ideas for fashion-loving friends.

A trendy clutch handbag

Every woman needs a handbag. But, every fashionista knows that a trendy clutch handbag is the ideal accessory for work, play and life in between. Look for clutches with glitter and diamante for the more feminine touch, and for those who are always watching the trends, a classic animal print won’t go wrong.

If your friend is interested in more unique haute couture, a local design house clutch is the way to go. This way she will have something truly one-of-a-kind to show off at her next big party.  Be sure to keep an eye on what is trending in fashion news so that you can choose something that won’t go out of style. But you can stick to the basics of black, white or cream to accessorise any outfit.

A sumptuous scarf

Scarves are accessories that will never fade out of the annals of style. But it is important to think of the weather we experience in South Africa and choose one accordingly. For example, if you live in a province that has colder winters, a satiny pashmina that your bestie can wrap around her shoulders is a good option.

If your friend enjoys soaking up the sun in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, a light cotton scarf that doubles as a sarong will not go amiss. Rather than choose something with bright, zany patterns because it catches your eye, opt for a classic colour combination such as black and white stripes or a jewel-tone colour block style. By keeping it classical, your friend will be able to wear the scarf with just about anything, depending on the season.

A luxurious leather belt

Leather belts are perfect gifts for those who love fashion. They are long lasting and are always en vogue as well as being available in a variety of different styles and colours. If your friend prefers to be a little different and bold, a purple dyed ostrich skin belt might tickle their fancy, allowing them to add an extra element to their outfit.

However, if your fashionista friend is a fan of the classical, minimalist look then a black belt with a small buckle is the best choice. You can also opt for a personalised buckle, but be sure it is not too outlandish or bold, as this might not be to their taste. Leather belts are ideal for the suave gentleman in your life too, but should always match the shoes that they wear. For example, a pair of chocolate brown loafers should always be paired with a belt in the same colour.

Always opt for accessories

You might not know your friend’s dress or pants size in order to buy them clothes, but a true fashion hound will always appreciate a selection of fun and interesting accessories. You could buy some vintage clip-on earrings for your friend to use to glam up a little black dress or some funky socks to make a work suit a little more interesting.

If you are going to buy accessories, always check for any allergic reactions to certain metals before making the final purchase. A pretty pendant with a unique design can be paired with almost anything, as can a pair of classically cut cufflinks. Accessories should always match the personality of your friend, so take note of what they wear on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for accessories that are designed in the Pantone colour of the year for an extra on-trend element.

Come on, vogue

Having a fashionable friend is an asset, as they can help you with difficult wardrobe decisions and malfunctions. But when the time comes to choose the perfect gift for them we often fall flat. If you stick to the basics, such as a stylish clutch handbag or soft scarf. Take note of their personal style and base your choices off of this in order to choose a gift they will wear for years to come (or until it goes out of style).

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