Make it your own: Home decor ideas for rented apartments

April 17, 2019

Decorating an apartment can be tricky, especially if it is not one that you own. A rented apartment usually has rules attached regarding what you can and cannot do for decorating. For example, you might not be able to paint the walls or drill into them to hang up art. And while you do have to obey these rules, this does not mean that you cannot decorate your apartment to suit your personality.

You should invest in some home decor that is easy to install and can be removed when you need to move home. Look for wall decor such as vinyl stickers or removable wallpaper and living room decor such as vases and flowers. If you want to spice up your rental, read on below for advice on how to decorate a rented apartment.

Stick to surfaces

If you have some stunning photographs you want to display or a family heirloom painting, instead of drilling a hole into the wall, you can display them on shelves around your apartment. This type of house decoration allows you to inject your own personality without damaging the property.

A built-in bookshelf is ideal for this, but if there are no suitable built-in surfaces, you can buy your own and use these. Many bedroom decoration stores sell ladder shelves for keeping books on or storing knick-knacks, or you could create industrial shelving using cinder blocks and pine planks. You could use a vintage table lamp as a decor element in a room by placing it on a side table with a reflective surface. By displaying art on surfaces, you will avoid drilling into or sticking mirror tape onto the wall, which could possibly damage it.

Cutesy curtains

If you cannot paint your walls to bring in more colour, consider hanging brightly coloured or patterned curtains. This will allow you to make the space feel fun and vibrant without the need to paint the walls. Just be sure to use the correct measurements when shopping for curtains or you might choose some that are the wrong length.

If you want your living room to feel airy and light, you could opt for pale turquoise curtains. For a vibrant and upbeat feeling, you could choose curtains with a strong geometric pattern in a bright pink or purple. Your curtains could be the focal point of the room if you want to keep things simple. Whatever you choose, be sure to accentuate it with matching accessories, but do not overwhelm the room with too much colour. Choose one palette and stick to it.

Pick pretty storage

Apartments are usually small, and if you are renting yours, you might not be able to build in more storage. But you can remedy this by looking for pretty storage that is functional and decorative. A storage box does not have to be dull and grey, it can be patterned and stand out in a room.

You could trawl the second-hand stores in your area, looking for vintage woven baskets for storing books or old luggage to keep winter linens in. For a small bedroom, opt for bedside tables in unique colours to bring in a unique decorative element to the space, so you do not have to clutter it with accessories. You could create your own storage by buying a strong cardboard box and covering it in wallpaper or wrapping paper and contact plastic. This will keep it sturdy for longer, and you can be as creative or simple as you like.

Wonderful washi tape

Washi tape is thin Japanese masking tape made from paper. It has become wildly popular over the years for good reason. There are hundreds of different patterns available that you can choose from, and the tape is easy to use, sturdy and versatile. You can use it to create your own wall art to hang or to spice up a dull, white wall in your bedroom or study.

If you have tiles in your kitchen that you want to embellish, you can use plain washi tape and create a simple pattern. Just be sure it is not near water, otherwise, it will stop sticking to the surface. Because it is made of light paper, the washi tape will not lift the paint from the wall, so it can be stuck to your bedroom walls to create a stunning decor piece. You can opt for the thicker pieces of tape for a more bold display, but thinner ones are ideal for a subtle hint of quirkiness.

Make it yours

One way to decorate a rental is to display knick-knacks or souvenirs that have meaning to you. This might mean that you get permission to install a shelf to show off the shells you collected off the coast of Greece or that you place photographs of your family on your coffee table for visitors to see. You could even decorate a floor lamp with an antique lampshade you found at a garage sale.

You could invest in some pretty curtains to hang if you cannot paint your walls or opt for vinyl wall stickers instead. Look for pretty storage and invest in some unique washi tape. This way, you can bring in some of your own personality without having to worry about damaging any surfaces or drilling into the walls.

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