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Home design trends to look out for

January 17, 2017

Our homes are our castles. This is where so much of our time, money and effort goes into. After all, for many of us, our entire lives are about creating a place of safety that is entirely our own in every sense of the word. There is no better way to display that fact than by proper personalisation, in terms of what the home and the things inside look like. You want others to know in one glance that it is yours. It’s a statement and a powerful indication for yourself that, indeed, you’ve made it and your life is on the right path. Homes provide a sense of security when the rest of the world appears out of control, when you’re concerned about finances and everything appears in a state of imbalance. That’s why it’s important to consider what design trends are happening and why. In this way, you can catch on, reaping the benefits of these trends in your home, showcasing your individuality and making a statement about who you are.

The smart home

As the world has increasingly become more connected thanks to the internet, more devices are able to connect online. This has led to more companies feeling the need to invest in these sorts of areas, resulting in all sorts of equipment and tools being devices with WiFi and Bluetooth connections. From fridges to TVs, there is almost no reason why any appliance should not benefit from being connected online. All these devices connecting and interacting online has led to the Internet of Things (IoT), which allows different devices to “talk” to each other, increasing their functions and actions dramatically.

You can now monitor home security through your smartphone, controlling everything from temperature to lights. This kind of interaction is the way of the future and will influence every aspect of the modern home. The Internet of Things is no longer merely a concept, but a reality finding its way into every home. Much as the idea of watching moving images might have been perceived as outlandish at some point, so we should look at smart technology in the same way. As one technology writer noted:

“The real benefits of the IoT are also often thought of as some distant goal, to be arrived at in the future. Connected planes are a concrete example of how IoT is transforming the world – now, and not in the future. A recent report by research firm IDC found… there will be 22.9 billion installed IoT devices globally, up from 10 billion.”

To that end, it’s worth designing your home to make way for such devices. The trends of the future suggest more homes will be designed to allow for easy installation of smart TV’s, alarm systems and so on. Making your home WiFi accessible – try prevent large furniture from blocking signals can do wonders to aid this.

The Natural World

In terms of interior design, many are seeing a return to the idea of the natural. As one expert told The Daily Mail:

“People are often inspired by where they live and so we’re finding that colour schemes can bE very driven by the surrounding landscape. People want to live harmoniously with their environment and so natural materials and muted colours that can be found in nature or within the urban environment are dominating kitchen living design. Understated palettes that will be key in 2016 will feature varying shades of sophisticated and luxury greys and taupes, light and dark wood, black and white and metallic touches too.”

This also provides an exciting opportunity to start creating more greener environments within your home. You can opt for greener home design choices, by focusing on items that encourage a green lifestyle. Whether it’s choosing the right plates or cutlery, you can always opt for more sustainable options that help the planet. It shows how you care about the world and you can use your own home as a way to encourage that kind of engagement. This will inspire others to do the same, especially if you implement such design choices cleverly and stylishly.

The colour of society

Interior reports that one of the world’s color authorities, Pantone, “surprised the design community by naming not one but two colors for the 2016 edition of its Color of the Year forecast.” They chose the pastel pink Rose Quartz as well as powder blue Serenity. These seem “sweet” but “according to Pantone, the pairing is in fact part of a more unilateral approach to color – a commentary on the current societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity.”

With more people being accepted for who they are, instead of being forced to live as society demands, this is a show of an increasingly tolerant society (even if it doesn’t feel like it). In a small way, you too can be part of this, by opting for these colours. Give yourself something to think and talk about, encourage discussion and promote the world that such colours represent.

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