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How to choose a new car to transport your kids

October 27, 2018

When you and your partner decide to settle down and have a child, your lifestyle needs to reflect the needs of a baby. For example, is your vehicle safe enough to transport your baby? Whether you’re at the stage of reviewing your vehicle before your baby arrives or you’ve tried to make things work with your existing car but are not happy, upgrading your vehicle for the better is a smart decision on your part.

Purchasing a brand-new vehicle is not always an option. But understanding that you need to look for something safer and more reliable is the first step to being a responsible parent. Setting a budget is the second step in this process. If you’ve started your second-hand vehicle search or spoken to salespeople at pre-owned car dealerships about a vehicle you’re interested in, you might want to consider the help of finance.

Taking out private vehicle finance will offer you that much-needed financial cushioning to help you purchase the vehicle you need for your family. Once you’ve considered all the details, you can commence on your vehicle search. Popular choices are SUVs as they are big enough to store equipment in the boot and to keep your precious child feeling secure and comfortable in their car seat. But, again, it comes down to your budget and the following considerations: safety, interior design, size and overall value for money.

Bear in mind that safety is the main factor when transporting a family around. You want to feel safe and confident knowing that your child is comfortable and you are not putting them at risk.

Safety and performance

When you become a parent, you are taking on the responsibility of raising another person. You are responsible for their safety, ensuring that while you are living with them and looking after them, nothing happens to them. Well, nothing that you can control. So, one of the decisions you have to make is to protect your child by purchasing a reliable vehicle that you can transport them in. Before you make an impulse decision based on the size of a vehicle, be sure to investigate the safety of the vehicle based on crash test reports. Information such as frontal, side and rear impact, and overall accident prevention can influence your decision, as these elements play a major role in the safety of a vehicle.

Interior layout and features

When you think about the interior design of a vehicle, it’s easy to categorise this as the look and feel of the vehicle. But beyond that, your car choice needs to be able to seat a reverse-facing child seat when your child is a newborn. As they grow, their seat requirements will differ to be forward-facing and your vehicle will need to accommodate that. You will also need to test the seat in a particular car as you will need to ensure that it is secure at all times. During the vehicle shopping experience, test out different cars and try and experience a baby seat installation process to see how secure the seat is.

It would also be valuable to look at the distance between the back seats and the front seats, as the older your child becomes, you will want to be able to have close contact with them. Consider looking at a vehicle with an additional third-row for more space if you plan on growing your family. The extra space is also convenient for equipment when looking to take long road trips as a family. Lastly, it’s not necessary to have top-of-the-range electronics and features for your new family car but it is important to splurge on add-ons that will increase the value of your car and everyone’s safety. For example, a smart anti-lock braking system (ABS), airbags, keyless entry and electronic stability control (ESC).

Value for money

The value for money you receive for your car is based on the type and condition of the vehicle you purchase, and whether it ticks all of your boxes. You need to set a budget for this hefty expense as you can easily get carried away when you have the opportunity to lean on a lender for private car finance. It all comes down to the reliability of the vehicle, fuel economy and depreciation value when you sell it.

Final thoughts

Being a parent is already a costly experience. Don’t overspend when buying a car, because you will need to pay everything back that you’ve borrowed in private finance. And with interest. The above tips will assist you in purchasing the most affordable car of your dreams. Choose wisely and speak to a professional if you require further assistance.

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