How to host the perfect birthday party

May 31, 2017

Celebrating a birthday is a special time that’s meant to be shared with family and friends. Hosting a birthday party, whether it’s for a child, teen or adult, requires more than just showing up and smiling. It involves laying the foundation and playing for a successful and fun celebration by determining the type of party you’ll throw. This plan should also include details such as the food, drinks, entertainment and decorations. You should know the proper party-hosting etiquette, which starts with the invitation and ends with the “thank you” cards. Create and plan your party in such a way that your guests leave happy and excited to attend your next celebration.

It’s nice when others honour your birthday by sharing the day with you. If you’re celebrating an important milestone, such as turning 21, 30 or even 50, then it should be celebrated with all the fanfare. Here are a few ways to make sure you host the perfect birthday party.

Create a budget and stick to it

If you’re planning a birthday party, one step that’s essential to making it happen is to create a budget. It’s best to know how much money you have to work with. It’ll help you decide on a venue for the party and how much you can afford to spend on entertainment, food, decoration, etc. If you don’t have a budget, you risk overspending and end up not enjoying the party.

Think about the venue and a possible date

It’s best to choose a venue you and your guests would enjoy or feel most comfortable being at. It might be at your home or a place close by, such as a restaurant, country club or a bar. If you’re thinking about hosting the party at your home, ask yourself if you’re prepared for the responsibility it entails, especially if it’s a children’s birthday party. After you’ve chosen the venue, you should decide on a date and time.

Plan the menu

You may or may not have to prepare the food yourself, depending on where you host the party. But if your budget allows it, you could have the food catered for at any venue you choose even if it’s at your home. But the most important thing is that the food is appropriate for the people who are in attendance. It’s also best to cater according to your theme. Even if it’s a children’s party, you shouldn’t forget the parents who may stick around and will need food and drinks too. So make sure you have something for them to snack on. If you’re having the party at your home and will do the cooking yourself, pre-cook and pre-assemble the day before, if possible. That way you won’t feel rushed the day of the party and can spend more time with your guests.

For large dinner parties, you could assign seats, set the table according to your theme and get the right crockery and cutlery to go with it. You can mix different themes as long as they’re complementary and work well together. And if you want to buy a new crockery set for the party, then you should look at an affordable one that you’ll use again.

Create a guests list and send out invitations

Your guest list will be determined by how many people your location and budget can accommodate. Take a look at this before writing down names. Once your list is completed and you’re happy with it, you may send out the invitations, whether paper or digital. It’s best to send it out at least three to four weeks in advance. Include all the necessary information in the invitation. You should state things such as the dress code, level of formality, venue and time along with contact details for RSVP. If you want to, you could include a GPS-friendly address too. You can also add photos and be creative with your wording to build excitement for the party. It’s always wise to follow up with phone calls to those who haven’t RSVP’d a few days before the party.

Decide on entertainment

The entertainment depends on the party you’re hosting. It’s important to keep those at the party engaged, so put extra thought and effort into planning it. Perhaps you could hire your favourite band or a local artist. Make sure you book as early as possible if you’re hiring entertainment. This counts for any type of party. And when you’re contacting an entertainment agency, ask about setup requirements and whether they have their own sound equipment. And if you plan to have the party at your home and play background music, it’s best to create your mood-appropriate playlist in advance.

As the host or hostess of the party, it’s your job to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable during the party. So you have to talk and mingle with your guests and put them at ease.

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