How to make a small living room feel elegant

November 20, 2018

Having a living room on the smaller side does not mean that it cannot be chic and elegant. You can make the room feel glamorous, even if it can only fit a two-seater couch, coffee table and television. But, it can be difficult to know exactly how to do this. You might be completely stuck for ideas or are not even sure where to start.

You can start by looking for stylish sofa covers in Cape Town to match the decor of the room. Make sure they are made from a plush, luxurious fabric such as velvet in order to amp up the luxury factor. Interested in transforming your small living room? Below are some top tips on how to make the room feel elegant.

Make it match… to a point

One of the first steps to take towards an elegant living room is to ensure that (almost) everything matches. Start by choosing drapes that match the walls so there is not too much contrast, or choose a hue that is one lighter than the colour of your walls. Too many colours can confuse the eye.

Look for couch slipcovers for sale in Cape Town in a colour that will match your walls but try not to choose one in the same colour. Too much of one colour can become boring, so try opting for different hues of one colour. For example, you might have navy walls. Look for curtains in a medium blue such as dark slate blue and choose couch slipcovers from South Africa in a light cornflower blue. By choosing to use the ombre effect, your living room will look put together but not overwhelm the eye with one colour.

Tempt the eye with texture

Nothing says elegance like the feel and look of a satin throw draped along the arm of a velvet-covered sofa. These types of sumptuous textures can bring an element of sophistication to a small room, but be sure not to clutter the space with too many textures.

If you have chosen to keep your walls cream and are bringing in visual interest with colour on furniture or art, a velvet cushion or two, or a ruffled couch cover in satin can help to make the room feel less stark and empty. A woven ottoman in a jewel tone and a few scatter cushions in a silky fabric in a warm colour will make your living room feel warm, inviting and full of élan. You could also look for a leather couch in a deep blue or black and make this the focal point of the room by decorating it with beautiful textural pieces.

Lavish on the light

Lighting can make or break a room, especially if it is small. To make your living room look and feel more elegant, be sure to have enough warm and inviting lighting in the space. Lighting not only makes the room feel warmer, but it can also help to create the illusion of space.

You can place a table lamp with a jewel-toned lampshade on it next to your couch, have a sconce wall light on either side of your television and a small chandelier hanging in the centre of the room. Install a dimmer switch so that you can set the mood and be sure that you have enough natural light entering the room. This will make it feel fresh, open and airy during the day, and allow you to watch the sunset in the evening from your velvet chaise lounge.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

… or table, or lighting fixture. Bringing in mirrors to any small space is a fabulous idea. This is especially true if you want to make the room look more elegant and sophisticated. And you do not have to stick with only having mirrors on your walls, you can have them on coffee tables and end tables too.

Look for a large, rectangular mirror in a gold or silver frame to hang on the wall opposite a window or high enough to reflect your chandelier in. When you turn the chandelier on, all the crystals will be reflected in the mirrors around the room, making it feel like The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles (just a little smaller). Be sure to look for mirrors that will match the rest of the room and that can easily be removed if you do not like them. You could place clusters of small round mirrors on a feature wall above some candles for an extra “wow” factor.

Let your creativity flow

Creativity is an important factor in any interior design. You need to ensure that the space feels comfortable and like you can live in it without feeling uncomfortable. Start by matching the main elements and then work on from that. Bring in some texture for visual interest and remember that lighting plays a major role. Soon, you will have a room that oozes style, elegance and luxury.


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