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How to turn a studio apartment into a luxurious retreat

May 8, 2018

Living in a studio apartment often means that it is an open-plan space, with a bathroom tucked away from privacy. It can be difficult to transform this space into one that exudes luxury and charm, but it is not impossible.

A studio apartment holds a lot of potential for someone with a creative mind and an eye for design, so read on for top tips and tricks on how to turn a studio apartment into a luxurious retreat.

Put your antiques on display

If you have antique items, such as a gilded mirror, a Tiffany lamp or an heirloom silver bowl, then do not be afraid to put these items on display. You could hang your mirror on a central wall in the apartment and place your lamp on understated bedroom furniture to enhance its beauty.

Nothing gives a room a sense of wisdom and luxury like a beautiful antique, but you will need to be sure that you do not clutter the space with old knick-knacks over genuine antiquated pieces. Antiques can make it appear as though you have spent more than you actually have, especially when they are arranged together tastefully. You could have one section of your apartment designated for displaying antiques, such as a table in the centre of the living room or a wall for art.

Dangerous curves ahead

While a studio apartment might cry out for clean, simple and straight lines, more often than not this decision can make the room feel ‘flat’ and boring. To add depth and create interest in a smaller space, then you should use a variety of shapes, especially curves and rounded edges.

To make your bedroom sets and lounge furniture appear expensive, opt for curved edges rather than flat, as they will look more luxurious. These curves can come from any piece, such as a lamp, an end table, a sofa or a bookshelf. Mix and match lines and shapes to give an air of sophistication but remember to always keep it simple and synchronised.

Create a layered lighting concept

Lighting is one of the most important aspects in any space and is often the most overlooked. You should create a layered lighting concept and include all types of lighting: task, accent and ambient.

In order to create a luxurious feel in your studio apartment, you could hang a pendant light in the centre of the common living area, accenting it with matching side or wall lamps. For an added luxe element, buy small, clear hurricane-glass style candle holders and put tealight candles in them for ambient lighting in the evenings. Installing dimmer switches allows you to set the mood and is an inexpensive way to make a room feel more cosy and welcoming.

Window shopping

An easy and effective way to make a room look expensive and stylish is to invest in living room curtains made from plush fabrics such as velvet or satin. You could look into a custom design for your curtains, as you can design exactly what you want for your room.

Curtains can help to set the mood for a room, especially if they are made from stunning fabrics. You could even use curtains as a focal point if they are patterned in a unique pattern. Silk curtains are formal and stately, while velvet and sheer curtains can make a room look indulgent and opulent. Eyelet curtains are a better choice for an impressive room, as you can find decorative eyelets. Look for curtain ties with jewelled ends and silk tassels for a little extra je ne se quois.  

Incorporate mirrors throughout the apartment

Incorporating mirrors throughout the apartment will brighten the space, allowing more light to reflect around the room and make it appear larger. You do not have to opt for simple, frameless mirrors, you can choose mirrors in decorative frames and if you shop for furniture online, you can personalise these frames to match your decor.

For extra flair, you could bring in mirrored furniture, such as a coffee table or kitchen countertops that are reflective and glossy. Be careful not to overdo the mirrored aspect of your apartment, however, as it can appear tacky (disco-balls as light fixtures are a definite no-no). On one of the larger walls in your living room, place a large focal mirror, with other smaller mirrors adjacent to it on other walls, to bounce light around the room on sunny afternoons.

Refined taste means refined luxury

It can be tempting to simply cover your couches in velvet and buy heavy silk curtains to make your studio apartment feel ‘luxurious’ but this is the wrong way to approach it. Displaying antiques, looking for curved furniture, creating layered lighting and opting for custom-designed curtains are all effective and inexpensive ways to create a luxurious retreat in the comfort of your own home.

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