How to use the new Pantone colour in your home

January 14, 2019

A new year, a new Pantone colour. For those who follow the colour institute’s advice to the letter, the colour for 2019 is Living Coral, a fun and punchy bright pink-orange hue which exudes the liveliness of the year ahead. And it can easily be incorporated into your home if you follow some simple tips and tricks.


You can start by looking for lounge suites in neutral colours to offset the vibrant coral tones. Or you could invest in some key focal pieces in the colour, such as a patterned rug to enhance your lounge furniture or a feature wall in your kitchen. Not sure where to start? Read on below for fabulous ideas for using Living Coral in your home.

Liven up your living room

When you look for lounge suites for sale for the new year, pick tones of charcoal and dove grey, as these will help to complement the vibrancy of your coral-hued throw pillows and rugs. Whether it is a sleeper couch or leather couch, you can liven up the room with touches of the new colour in a simple but elegant fashion.


If you are willing to go bold, you could paint a wall in your home in the Pantone colour of 2019 and accessorise it with your favourite artwork. It is a bright colour, making it perfect for those who want to inject some liveliness and excitement into their living room. For those who prefer the subtle approach, you could paint the legs of a black coffee table in the colour for a bit of added quirkiness.

Brighten up your bathroom

Your bathroom is one room that is often overlooked when making over a house. Not many people think that painting it in a colour like coral is a good idea but it can work wonders for a smaller room that does not get a lot of light.


This is because it has warm undertones which can help to lift a small, dark space. If you are renting, and not able to paint any walls, look for some accents that you can add to the room. For example, you can buy some glass candle holders in a coral shade or look for concrete planters painted in the hue to plant succulents for your bathroom windowsill. You could even buy towels and shower loofahs in coral tones to bring in warmth and fun.

Beautify the bedroom

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, but it should also be a place that energises and refreshes you. And Living Coral is the perfect way to do this. No matter what size bed you have, you can make the room feel larger and more spacious with a brightly coloured coral feature wall and simple furnishings.


Or, you could make your room feel fresh and fabulous with some coral bedding, throws and even scatter cushions. That sleeper sofa in the corner of your bedroom can be brought to life with a patterned throw in a zesty coral hue. Bring nature indoors with coral-painted plant pots on your windowsill or paint a dull mirror frame in a glossy coral paint. The options are endless and your imagination is the only limit.

Embrace your entryway

You might not think it, but the entryway of your home is as important as the rest of it. You can spice it up by painting a wall in coral or paint the walls a charcoal grey and accent them with coral accessories, such as framed pictures, abstract artwork in the colour or personalised vinyl wall art.


For a touch of simple elegance, look for a runner to cover the floor with touches of Living Coral to contrast the wall colour you already have. Coral is best suited to plain white walls or shades of grey and black. You could divide your walls horizontally and paint the bottom half in coral and the top half in white or grey. Or invest in some easy-to-apply wallpaper in a funky pattern featuring the Pantone favourite.

Keep your kitchen looking fresh

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and you can easily revamp it in a bright, vibrant shade for 2019. Living Coral is the perfect colour to make your kitchen feel more welcoming, while also showing that you are on trend and in touch with the design world.


If you are unable to paint your walls or make any permanent changes, you could bring in touches of coral with utensils and pots and pans. You could look for a toaster and kettle in coral or even crockery and cutlery in shades of coral. Try not to have too many items in the colour, as it can be overwhelming. Rather stick to a few key pieces to make the room pop.

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