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It’s okay to get away from your little ones

February 29, 2016

Toys under the couch, a doll in the shower and bright coloured, plastic utensils in your bed – are all signs that you have a toddler in the home. To say that they want your attention all day is an understatement. They want your attention in your dreams as well; when you see them running toward you as Barney, the purple dinosaur is chasing them. But alas, you can find solace because that’s not when you have lost the plot. You know you have lost it when you ask your neighbour if she knows who does Barbie’s flawless makeup.


Grown-up stuff, what’s that?


You need time away from movies and series that aren’t animated or vaguely related to young kids running a sitcom. Make time out with your spouse to watch a movie, but not on the laptop at home. Make time to go to the cinema, without your little one and see something grown-up like Deadpool. Adult entertainment should always be on your list of fun, not only buying chocolate flavoured Cheerios.


Go eat out


Feel free to eat out, but not at McDonalds. Take a drive to the V&A Waterfront and have lunch at a nice restaurant. You will feel at ease the moment you realise that there is no chicken nugget or crayon in sight. Fine dining is all you need to feel like an adult again.


Go somewhere different


Having kids can put a damper on the romance. Sometimes all you and your mate need are a bit of alone time away from home. Spice up the romance by booking a hotel room for one night. You will instantly realise how much of a difference a different setting makes to your love life. A different room, with a different atmosphere is all you need.


Have the house to yourself


Tell yourself that you are not sending them away because they drive you insane, a weekend at grandma’s place will do them good. They need to get away from you too to let go of the anxiety they may experience from being away from your for a couple of days. Children have good coping mechanisms and will be able to handle the break-away with ease. Give them a little credit and see how things go after the first night away from home. Besides, for them grandparents are much more fun to be around. You get alone time, they get time with family – everybody wins.

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