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Keep it simple: what to wear to family Christmas

December 6, 2018

Christmas time is fun, fabulous and festive. And there are usually a large number of parties that you will be attending during this period. It can be very tricky to know exactly how to dress for each one You might not have enough outfits for every party you are invited to, but for a family Christmas, you will have to look your best (could you get away with wearing a cocktail dress to visit Granny…?).

You might not have to look for the highest of fashion clothes, but you should be sure to look well-turned out and presentable. For those who enjoy going the extra mile and dressing up, now is your time to shine. Read on below for some tips on how to choose an outfit for a family Christmas party.

Choose festive colours

When you are looking online for fashion, you should look for clothes in festive colours. These include gold, silver, cherry red, emerald green, black and other jewel tones. This colour palette is good to work from because the stores selling women’s fashion are seasonal, and will be selling more dresses and other items in these colours.

If you are not a fan of bright colours, you can opt for a little black dress and accessorise it with brightly coloured jewellery or a gold or silver sequinned bolero. You could dress up a red dress with a green scarf or opt for a white dress with a jewel-toned pair of high heels. Think about the situation and the theme of the party too so you can choose colours accordingly.

Have a core piece

One way to make choosing an outfit easier is to have a core piece to accessorise and dress up. For example, you could wear black slacks paired with a jewel-toned top or a white shirt that you can wear with a patterned skirt for some visual interest.

The core piece you choose should be simple and elegant but not too expensive, so keep an eye out for sales on online fashion in South Africa. For a Christmassy feel, you could choose a sparkly dress with some chic black heels for contrast. Be sure to look for shirts or dresses that flatter your figure and that can be worn for both formal and informal parties.

Amp up the accessories

Accessories are an effective way to make your outfit pop and bring some quirkiness to your outfit. You can choose to wear a necklace with your plain dress to elevate a simple look or you could use a sparkly clutch bag as your accessory. Be sure to keep it festive rather than too fancy, as you will be spending time with your family and not your colleagues.

For those who enjoy being silly over the holidays, you could wear an ugly Christmas sweater with your black slacks. Some stores sell Christmas themed jewellery that you can wear, such as earrings shaped like tree baubles and transparent bracelets with fake snow in them. These accessories will make a simple outfit pop and you will be the talk of the town. Be sure not to overdo it if the party is more formal.

Think about texture

The festive season is just that, festive. And this means that your outfit can have different textures and layers to make it extra special. For example, you could wear a slouchy linen shirt with a tulle skirt, paired with some pleather heels. Or you could wear satin slacks with a cotton shirt and velvet jacket.

It is important to choose textures that you feel comfortable in, as you will be wearing the outfit for the entire event. Also, think about who will be there. If there will be small children, you might want to swap out the cotton shirt for a polyester one, as cotton is more likely to absorb stains and spills. You could go old-school and pair a corduroy skirt with a white linen shirt and plaid jacket for extra festive flair.

Slip on some sparkle

It is Christmas-time, after all, which means that you can go as glittery and sparkly as you want. You could wear a sequinned dress in a bright red or you could opt for glittery heels to spruce up your little black dress. Another option is to look for a sequinned belt to pair with black slacks and a plain shirt for a subtle nod to the season.

If you are not one who enjoys the shinier side of life, you can inject glitter in a more subtle manner. For example, you could look for a dress with a dusting of glitter on the sleeves or a small sequinned pattern on the hemline. One important thing to remember is to look for something that you are comfortable in and that brings a smile to everyone’s faces.

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