Magically modern bedroom design tips

November 14, 2018

Furnishing and decorating your bedroom can be fun. Essentially, you are creating a sanctuary to go home to after a long day of work or a day filled with running errands. One decor style, in particular, has become more and more popular over the years, and that is the modern look.

A modern bedroom does not have to be harsh or minimalistic. You can look for stylish comforter sets in South Africa with monotone designs for visual interest or introduce soft pastel colours to an industrial aesthetic. Modern bedrooms do feel more spacious than other aesthetics so if you want to give your bedroom a modern makeover, read on below for some top design tips.

Choose a colour

The first step to creating a magnificent modern bedroom is to choose a colour. It should be one that appeals to you, but there are several modern hues you can choose if you are stuck. Modern aesthetics usually stick to one or two “core” colours and then incorporate these into the decor.

A popular colour for a modern bedroom is a warm dove grey for the walls. This provides you with the perfect canvas for introducing pops of colour such as lilac or pink. The colour you choose should inspire you and calm you whenever you see it, so think about how you react emotionally to the different colours in the paint and bedding store. A dark navy feature wall will work well with cream comforter sets and grey scatter cushions.

Bring in some textures

A modern bedroom aesthetic usually involves using different textures for visual interest. You can do this by using scatter cushions with a knitted covering, duvets and comforters from South Africa with a satin finish or by hanging canvas art on your walls.

The textural elements are important because they will make the room feel warm and welcoming even if you have plain white walls. Follow the teachings of “hygge” and incorporate textures that make you nostalgic. For example, a warm flannel throw in a plaid pattern might make you think of your grandmother. It will also provide a unique contrast to the minimalistic modernism of your bedroom.

Let there be light

Lighting is important for any bedroom, modern or traditional. For a modern bedroom, you should ensure that there is a dimmer switch so that you can set just the right mood. Desk lamps with simple, clean lines are ideal and a recessed ceiling lamp is a good choice.

Modern fixtures should be simple and should match the rest of your aesthetic. You could have desk lamps in a matte finish in the same shade as your walls or a copper ceiling lamp with a simple lampshade in a colour that contrasts the rest of the room. You should also incorporate natural lighting into your bedroom to make it feel more spacious. Hang a mirror across from a window to bring in more natural light and to make the room feel warm and inviting.

Keep decor simple

Your bedroom is a space that is personal to you. But if you want to bring in a modern aesthetic, you should keep the decor simple, elegant and with clean lines and edges. If you have an accent wall, you could decorate it with a simple vinyl sticker or a small collection of your favourite art.

Avoid introducing too many different colours, rather choose a colour scheme and stick to that. For example, if you have a comforter set that has a bold striped pattern in black and red, use those colours in the decor elements you choose. A red throw and a black ottoman would be the perfect combination here. If you have art you would like to frame and hang, choose simple frames with clean lines and no embellishments.

Functional furniture works best

Modern bedrooms and functional furniture go hand-in-hand. This is especially true if your bedroom is small and you need storage space as well as decoration. You could choose to have a simple off-white ottoman to double as storage for your winter bedding. Or you could use a bookshelf to double as a room divider.

A modern bedroom is best achieved when all the elements work well together. Your writing desk should not be antique when your bed base is sleek and modern. So, be sure to choose furniture from a set so it will all match. You could look for end tables with extra storage for books, cords and other miscellaneous items so that your room is not cluttered. You could also install floating shelves in the same colour as your walls to place books and decorative items on for a seamless look.

Modern makeover

A modern bedroom does not have to be difficult to achieve. You should start by choosing a colour that you enjoy looking at or one that makes your room feel spacious and calm.

Bring in some textures such as woven throws or satin bedding and be sure to keep lighting simple and elegant. Your decor should not be cluttered and kitsch. Soon enough you will find yourself falling asleep in the perfect modern, chic bedroom.


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