Making guests feel right at home in your self-catering unit.

January 18, 2017

Your self-catering unit is ready for business and the reservations are coming in thick and fast. You can hardly keep up with the phone-calls. Congratulations! Your self-catering cottage is about to make you money but only if you successfully make your guests feel at home and comfortable.


The difference between a casual self-catering unit and an outstanding one lies in the detail. It’s those same details that make your guests feel right at home and completely comfortable. Follow these eight tips to ensure your guests truly enjoy their stay in your units at all times.


  1. Comfortable bed


Your guests have probably travelled from far away and are exhausted. They are going to want to take a quick nap or have a breather before heading out to explore. The last thing they will want is an old 1800’s bed that creeks or old bedding with moth holes in them. Each of your self-catering units should be kitted out with top quality beds and mattresses and have linen that matches the rooms theme and vibrance.


  1. Door keys and security


Your guests are at the reception area and checking in. Now is the perfect time to give them the chance to ask any last questions before showing them the room. It is a good idea to give them the code to a keyless lock for the rooms. Keyless locks will allow your guests to check in and out without you having to  be present to collect keys. This also prevents having to replace lost keys. Explain the security on offer in the room, whether it be burglar bars or an alarm system, your guests will be interested in knowing how well their family is secured in the unit.


  1. Necessary appliances and equipment


Being a good self-catering host isn’t just about having a great room available but it is also about making sure it has those extra little things that can sometimes be forgotten. Self-catering units are expected to have all the necessary basics such as a microwave, plates, kettle and so on. You want to make your new guests feel welcome and right at home, so go ahead and add a few extras. Perhaps a blender for those morning smoothies or a big pot in which to make winter soups and stews.


  1. Shower with rails


Your self-catering unit will see various types of people. Ensuring the bathroom is designed in such a way that it can accommodate the elderly or disabled too, will be beneficial. Adding a shower rail will give the frail or elderly guests the opportunity to use the shower area without having to worry about falling or getting hurt while on holiday. You want to make your guests feel safe and well looked after.


  1. Indoor plants


A quick and easy way to make your guests feel right at home is by adding a few indoor plants to the unit. Plants have a way of making us feel relaxed and calm. Add a few plants that are easy to maintain and that suit the theme of the unit. You do not want the room to be cluttered with greenery, so don’t over do it. Adding one or two ferns or succulents to the lounge area is enough to give the space ambience and blur the lines between the outdoors and inside.


  1. Outdoor furniture


Adding a few outdoor benches and a table outside are pretty standard additions for a self-catering unit. However, to make the guests feel more at home, throw some scatter cushions across the bench, magazines on the table and an ashtray to accommodate for the smokers. You don’t want your guests to search for things or have to call you looking for something. Make sure that when you are kitting the units out, you include the little extras that would add to the guests overall experience.


  1. Black-out curtains


Making your guests feel right at home means making the unit feel as comfortable as possible. One tip is to ensure the bedrooms have blackout curtains. This will stop the bright morning light from shining through and waking your guests up at sunrise. Your guests have booked in for an escape and are most probably going to want to have a lie in, a later morning than when they usually wake up at home. Make this space comfortable, tranquil and relaxing.


  1. Area information


Your guests are most probably new to the town and are not fully aware of all of the hotspots. Go the extra mile and leave your guests brochures, menus and information pamphlets in the units. This allows the guest to go through the activities available and choose things to do.  It also shows that you are connected with the community around you and support local businesses and restaurants in the area. You could also contact the local magazine or newspaper and make an arrangement to have the magazine placed in each unit. This gives your town more exposure and also gives your guests something to read through.


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