Packing for a weekend away with your bestie

January 24, 2017

The weekend has arrived and you have decided to hit the road with your bestie. You both feel as though it is time to reconnect and get away from city life for a bit.  You have booked accommodation online and the only thing left to do is all your packing.  You are only going for the weekend, so you don’t want to over-pack. You also don’t want to get there and realise that you have forgotten essentials at home. What you pack will depend on where you are going as well as the season. So make sure to take this into consideration.


Here are a few statement items that can easily be forgotten but are important to take with


  1. Camera


Create road trip memories by documenting it all through photos. Make sure your camera’s battery is fully charged before you hit the road. Think about all those pit stops you will be making. Not only will you be creating incredible memories but you will be shooting content that you can use on your social platforms and blog which are of higher quality than if they were shot off of a phone.


  1. Shoes for all occasions


When packing for a weekend away with your bestie you might automatically want to pack far too much. But the reality is you will most probably not wear half of the items you have packed. If you are going hiking, make sure you have packed hiking and water shoes. There are many types of ladies shoes which can be used outdoors and these days most of us live in a comfortable pair of shoes so packing for various types of locations shouldn’t be difficult. You can’t go wrong with a pair of trainers, slip slops and a pair of pumps.


  1. A good book


What’s a road trip without a good book? Yes, bonding and catching up for hours with your bestie is important but reading and unwinding is too. Before you head off on your trip, find a book that will keep you entertained for the duration of your trip. Find a book that is fairly light to read and that won’t be too draining. You want to get caught in the book without finding excuses to stay in and read instead of going zip-lining with your friend.


  1. Swimming costume


Suns out, bums out! If you are heading to the coast for the weekend, don’t forget to pack your bathing costume and swimming essentials. Pack in a beach towel, sunblock and sunglasses. If you have a beach bag, keep everything in here. This will prevent your other luggage from getting wet or from sand getting in your car.


  1. A warm jacket


The weather channel might forecast great weather for your weekend away, and your suitcase might be so full that it’s about to tear open, but you will regret it if you don’t pack a warm jacket. Always pack something extra warm. You never know, you might go for an evening walk along the beach or have a deep meaningful conversation with your friend on the top of a mountain. You are going to want to stay warm, pack a proper jacket.


  1. Portable Bluetooth speaker


If you have music on your phone, it’s a great idea to take a portable Bluetooth speaker with. This way you can connect your phone and listen to music from anywhere. If you girls are cooking, simply place the speaker somewhere nearby and dance away while you cook together.


  1. Car music


Relive the memories you and your friend have together through music. Whether it be that Justin Beiber song that got you both through high school or the Coldplay track that you listened to on repeat during your first break up. Add them all to a USB, open the windows and just enjoy the road trip. The best part of it all is that even though you might get all the words wrong, you will both still have an absolute blast going down memory lane.


  1. Snacks


Yes, the road trip might only take a few hours or less, but the food is an important part of the entire trip. Prep the night before by going to the shops together and buying a few items. If you are both on a  tight budget then make something the night before. Perhaps make cheese and tomato sandwiches and make sure you have plenty cold drink and water. Healthy snacks to pack in include fruit, nuts and biltong.


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