Pop the question: Romantic proposal ideas in Cape Town

February 25, 2019

Valentine’s Day is a day which is usually full of romance. And this makes February the month of love. You are likely planning on spending time with your partner, whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears, eating delicious chocolates, and watching your favourite rom-com (The Notebook is the perfect choice, everyone knows that…). But, sometimes this time spent together is meant to be just a little more special. You might want to propose to your partner, and this means that you will need to find a special and romantic setting to do so.

If your better half is a lover of fish, you could choose one of the many famed five-star seafood restaurants in Cape Town to pop the question. Or you could look for halaal restaurants for a sumptuous spread. There are several high-quality family restaurants in Cape Town that are perfect for proposals too. So, if you are planning on taking the plunge and asking someone if they will marry you this month of love, read on below for the top proposal ideas in Cape Town.

Choose chocolate

If your partner is a foodie with a sweet tooth, you could choose to propose with chocolate. In the Canal Walk shopping centre there is a luxurious Lindt store, which is a veritable heaven for chocolate connoisseurs.

You could speak to the manager and ask if you could organise a shopping spree there that ends with a very special final purchase. For example, allow your sweetie to pick a bag of… well… sweeties from their amazing chocolate selection. Then, guide them to a certain shelf where their ring is hidden in a Lindt heart shaped tin and ask them to open it. Not only will you hopefully get a “YES”, but your significant other will get a delicious bag of chocolates to celebrate with.

What about wine estates?

Cape Town is famous for its diverse array of wine farms and estates that dot the countryside. If you want a truly classic romantic proposal, you can head off for a weekend retreat to a wine farm to pull off one unforgettable proposal.

Many of the wine estates offer gorgeous views of Table Mountain and the cuisine crafted at the restaurants is equally as gorgeous. You could spend an afternoon walking through the vineyards and gazing at the scenery and then find the perfect spot to ask your partner to spend forever with you. If you want to amp up the romance, wait for the evening to propose, as the South African sunset is truly something to behold.

A paintball Proposal

Now, this might sound like something really out of the box, but for those who enjoy adrenaline sports, a paintball proposal might just net you an absolute “Yes!”. You could make it so you are on the same team and, once you reach the end of the game, ask them to be your team mate for life.

You will find a fantastic paintball range called Ground Zero just fifteen minutes from Canal Walk shopping centre, making it easy to access after a shopping spree. It might sound like a strange date, but if you are both adrenaline junkies, it is the perfect choice. You could create a romantic atmosphere by scattering rose petals on the ground, forming a path that your significant other has to navigate in order to find you… and the ring of course.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Cape Town is known for its gorgeous scenery, and what could be better than an outdoor proposal during the month of love? If you are in the Century City area, you could charter a ferry to Intaka Island for a romantic stroll.

The island is a wetland which is home to an array of birds and wildlife, which makes it perfect for those who enjoy spending time in nature. Organise the day so that you have a private area to propose in, without the danger of noisy children or tourists ruining the big moment. Be sure to bring along a picnic basket full of treats so that you can celebrate properly after your partner says yes.

Blow them away with a blockbuster

If your partner is a movie buff, you can surprise them with a romantic proposal while watching a movie outdoors. This will be especially effective on during the month of love, as the Galileo Open Air Cinema in Century City is set to play some of the most romantic movies ever made.

Bring along a picnic filled with their favourite foods and pack a bottle of bubbly too. Be sure to wait until the perfect moment to ask them to be your Mr. or Mrs. Right for life. For example, you could wait until the credits start rolling and then get onto one knee, or if you want to spend the whole night with giant smiles on your faces, propose while you are waiting for the movie to start. Or you could let them search through a bowl of popcorn to find the “surprise” hidden at the bottom before the movie starts.

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