Quick and easy ways to refresh your home

September 28, 2018

So, you want to refresh and revamp your home? But you don’t know where to start, and you don’t have the time do it? There are quick, easy and effective ways that you can use to make your home look fresh and exciting, without having to spend hours planning and coming up with ideas.

If you want to refresh your home easily, read on for some top tips and tricks to make the process fun, exciting and simple.

Rearrange your furniture

This might sound very simple (and obvious) but rearranging your furniture can make a room look completely different. For example, you can make your bedroom look spacious, light and airy by moving the bed to face a window and your desk to a corner rather than in the centre of a room. Look for comforters for sale in light, neutral colours and you have a brand new place to sleep!

You can make your living room look fresh and inviting by arranging your couches to face one another for easier conversation and transform your dining room by rearranging the chairs and table. This is an effective way to refresh your home without having to undertake hours of manual labour or spend a lot of money. You will, however, have to plan the rooms to make the most of their space and objects.

Simple slipcovers

If you feel like your couches are looking a little worse for wear, you should invest in some slipcovers. If you have never used one before, you will be surprised at what a difference they can make to a room… and to your couches.

Look for a slipcover in a colour you love or in one that matches the rest of your living room or lounge. It is often best to go with neutral tones that you can brighten up with pops of colour and patterned scatter cushions. If you have a room with white or beige walls, you can choose a slipcover in a bright jewel tone to add visual interest to the room.

Add new fixtures and hardware

Have you ever looked at your lighting fixtures or kitchen cupboard handles and thought they could do with an upgrade? Follow your gut feeling with this and invest in some new lighting fixtures and hardware for your cabinets.

This is an effective way to refresh your kitchen and bathroom, as new hardware can update a room in an instant. You can try a new bedside table lamp in a quirky colour or you can install crystal  handles on your bathroom drawers for extra luxury. In the living room and kitchen, install elegant pendant lighting and look for metallic cupboard handles that will reflect the light and create a modern, minimalistic space.

Paint something you don’t like

Rather than throwing away a piece of furniture that you do not like, you should paint it. For example, if you have a have a small side table in your lounge that is looking a little worse for wear, you can update and refresh it with a lick of pastel chalk paint or a modern glossy black paint.

Painting something that you don’t like will immediately transform it and save you from having to buy new furniture. You can give your bedroom a makeover by painting a set of drawers that might need an update in a quirky colour. Look for comforters for sale to match and you will have a fresh new room to relax in.

Clear out the clutter

One of the most effective ways to refresh your home is to clear out any clutter that you might have. You will be amazed at how spacious, fresh and inviting your house looks and feels with less clutter in it. Start by gathering boxes for items you will keep, throw away or donate and then start the great purge.

You can clear out a messy bedroom cupboard and be rid of old clothes that no longer fit you, or you could get rid of unused food in your pantry. Try not to become too sentimental for things that you have not seen in six months or more (like those old skinny jeans from university years), as this will make it difficult to declutter any room. Once you have decluttered your home, you can focus on buying decor or furniture that you really want to make the space inviting and exciting.

Keep it simple

The point of refreshing your home is to make it light, bright and spacious. This can be done with a few quick and simple tricks, such as rearranging your furniture, choosing new light fixtures and hardware and choosing a neutral slipcover for your lounge suites. If you have a piece of furniture that you do not like, you can paint it in a vibrant colour or tone it down with a pastel chalk paint. Use your imagination and soon your house look as good as (or even better than) new!


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