Safety in the schoolyard

February 17, 2016

The dangers of schoolyard safety are all too real for some. The Heads of Department needs to implore to all faculty members, students and parents that there needs to be a growing awareness of ensuring safety on school property. As a parent you need to ensure that your children are taken care of and that they are also aware of the dangers that surround school property. They need to be made aware of the dos and don’ts to prevent them from ending up in a dreadful situation.


Monitoring school property

Parking lot surveillance will ensure that there are no mischievous or disreputable events that take place on school property. The school governing body needs to ensure that there are at all times someone to oversee all areas of the property such as the cafeteria, hallways and playgrounds. A good suggestion would be for managing heads of the school to involve parents in these kind of procedures. School entrances should be patrolled by security and have bollards in place for security measures.


Preparing for an emergency


The school needs to have measures in place that guides the control and management of any given crisis. It is important to note that a cohesive team will result in a cohesive strategy. Faculty members and students should be implored to partake in team building exercises as well as emergency drills. These drills will include what to do in the case of  intruder alerts, a fire outbreak or extremely, harmful weather conditions. By creating a safe, supportive school system with positive interventions, everyone can come together and unite as a strong strong team.


Allowing students play an active part

Students need to be held accountable for their part in maintaining safety on school grounds, by adhering to the guidelines and rules. Faculty members must encourage students to report potential problems to school officials, and resist peer pressure to act irresponsibly. There won’t be a major impact at first and progress will stagger a bit before fully getting into the swing of things. However, by encouraging students and offering them the support they need, safety for all can be provided.

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