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Simple ways to organise your nursery

January 17, 2019

Planning and decorating a nursery can provide you with hours of fun. You can create the perfect haven for your little one to spend their early years in, allowing them to grow into happy children. One of the most important parts of creating a nursery is keeping it organised and tidy for your little bundle of joy.

You should look out for baby accessories that will make the organisation easier. For example, a storage box to store baby mink blankets, towels for bath time, toys and other baby essentials. Having more than one place to keep your baby things will help to ensure the room stays as neat as a pin, even after your little one has spent the day playing in it. Keep reading for some simple ways to organise your nursery.

Recreate closet space

If you have a closet in your nursery, one way to keep the space organised is to rethink the layout of the closet. For example, you could create extra shelving for their tiny outfits by hanging a shoe organiser on one of the doors. This is handy because their clothes are tiny and can easily be fitted into these small slots.

You can also install shelves in the hanging space to store toy boxes, extra fleece blankets for winter, larger baby clothes for when they outgrow their current ones, and even the baby bath to free up extra space in your bathroom. Closet space is valuable to a small nursery, so be sure that you maximise this space as much as possible. Use the hanging space as well as the shelves to make your life easier and more efficient.

Bring out the baskets

Storage baskets not only look adorable when grouped together in a baby’s room, they are also handy for storing all sorts of knick-knacks and items which are not used on a regular basis. Or you could store toys in these baskets for easy access when your little one wants to play with a specific toy.

Baskets can also be used to keep nappies in easy-to-reach places or for keeping their super soft blankets stored for winter. You could invest in small baskets to keep on shelves for storing smaller toys out of reach of little fingers. Look for baskets that match the colour scheme of your nursery or you could paint them in fun, bright colours to really make the room pop. Wicker baskets are a good choice for a rustic look, but be sure that they are not splintering which could injure your baby.

Organise those drawers

You will likely have a set of drawers or a dresser in your nursery for extra space. And while this is efficient, you can up the ante by adding drawer organisers to the sock drawers to keep those tiny socks neat and tidy, or to the drawer that you store their babygrows and outfits in. This will help to keep everything neat and easy to find.

You can look for drawer organisers in shops geared towards babies, and many of them are made from soft, easy-to-wash cloth in fun and exciting colours. You can group two or three of these organisers together or look for one with multiple sections. Be sure to keep these organisers as clean as possible, as they will be coming into contact with your baby’s clothes. It might be a good idea to choose plastic organisers, as these are easy to wipe down and keep clean, but you should choose drawer organisers based on the aesthetic of the room and your own personal taste.

Invest in vertical space

Using the vertical space in your nursery is a highly effective way of organising your nursery. It can help immensely in freeing up floor space and allows you to keep small items out of reach of your child. You can be creative here, such as by painting floating shelves in bright and zany patterns for visual interest.

You could also use an old bookshelf for vertical storage, but be sure that your baby cannot pull the bookshelf down easily. Try to anchor it to the walls using hooks or brackets. Paint the shelves or wallpaper on the back of each one in a different pattern to create a beautiful storage space. You could also hang a shoe holder on the back of the door to store shoes, small toys and other items that you do not want to be left on the floor.

Nice and neat nursery space

A nursery should be both a place of fun and play and a room that is kept neat and tidy. But this can be difficult to achieve with a busy bouncing baby. You can start by rethinking your cupboard space and making it more versatile, then move on to organising the drawers with a cloth or plastic organiser. Vertical space and baskets are highly useful in keeping the floor clear of all small toys and other unnecessary items. Soon you will have a nursery fit for baby royalty.


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