Six tips for throwing a garden party

February 23, 2017

The sun is shining and the flowers are booming. Summer is here and there’s no better way to celebrate than by throwing a garden party. Even if you have limited outdoor space, you can still throw a party your friends will remember. Brew some ice tea, break out your favourite summer decorations and create a playlist of songs to jive to. Follow these six simple tips and you’re sure to throw an incredible garden party.


Decide on a theme


Whether you want to have a colourful summer theme and have all your paper plates and bantings a bright colour or whether you want to go super classy and have everything white. That’s up to you. What makes summer parties more fun is having a theme. You can even decide to have a dress up theme. Summer is here to be enjoyed so go all out!


Send invites


You don’t want people to cancel on you because they have another event. Make sure that you have sent your invites out at least two weeks prior to your garden party. Sending email invitations is perfectly acceptable these days. Remember to follow up with an SMS a few days before the garden party just to remind your friends of the date, time and event theme.  


The food


Before you set the date, decide whether you want to throw an afternoon or evening garden party. This will have an impact on the types of foods and drinks you will need to supply. If it’s an afternoon event then a few finger snacks such as cucumber sandwiches and mini wraps will be perfectly acceptable. However, if you decide to have an evening event you are going to want to make something more filling. A quick and easy meal is chicken kebabs off a weber braai. You should also make a dish that is filling and that everyone will enjoy. A simple dish is a potato salad.


Cocktail mix


The sun is setting and the evening is kicking off to a great start. Your friends might have all brought their own alcohol as per the invite but having a welcome cocktail is always the polite thing to do. Give your guests the option to have an alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail. Great summery cocktails include mojitos, daiquiris and cosmopolitans. Look online for quick and easy recipes. You can also buy colourful cocktail glasses, straws, and umbrellas.These all add to the summer feeling.


Outdoor area


Having a garden party means that you are going to be hosting the party outdoors. You are going to want to make sure your patio area and garden is functional for the type of party you want to throw. Make sure you have enough seating and that anything that could break is packed away. A great way to add ambiance to an event is with lighting. Add tea light candles on the tables outside and scatter a few cushions on the lawn so that your friends can enjoy the grass area too.




You don’t need to be a music know it all or have a friend who is a DJ to be able to throw an amazing garden party. Ask your friends to bring music on their phones or USB and play it off a portable speaker. This will give your friends the opportunity to add songs to the mix which means that everyone’s type of music will be played. If you are having a themed party then you should include songs that come from that theme. For an example, if it’s a nineties themed party, then Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Tracy Chapman and the Spice Girls are going to need to be on your playlist!

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