Skin cleansing after party season

January 18, 2017

From a few glasses of wine on Christmas Eve, champagne on New Year’s Eve and the endless cocktails next to the pool, the consumption over the holiday season can leave your skin feeling dehydrated and dry. Here are a few tips on getting your skin back in top condition after the party season.

  1. Drink up

Making sure you drink enough water might not be on your priority list for party season but bouncing back afterwards should be. Get back into it by swapping the early morning caffeine fix for pure coconut water. You can also opt for a homemade green smoothie which will do your skin wonders. Keep a water bottle on your desk and next to your bed at all times. This will ensure you get enough water each day. If you do not like drinking plain water, try add a few pieces of cut fruit to your water.

  1. Moisturise

To get your skin back to its happy, healthy self after party season, get back into your moisturising routine as soon as possible. Start each day by moisturising and end each day by removing all your makeup and applying night cream. Your skin will need to be replenished, so keeping it moisturised will give it the kick start it needs. Find a face cream that suits your skin type and then use it religiously.

  1. Vitamin C

Your party season might have included orange juice and vodka, but now it is time to get Vitamin C intake in other, better forms. Did you know that Vitamin C is a natural skin reviver? Give your skin the boost it deserves by finding a cream that includes Vitamin C. Apply it gently and allow it to soak into your skin.

  1. Face Mask

A long party season can really show its effects on your face. Breakouts, zits, blocked pores and pimples start to form, leaving you wishing you treated your skin better after all those late nights. Try applying a clay-based mask to your skin, it will draw out impurities in your skin and give you an overall cleanse. Your skin will be left feeling hydrated and renewed.

  1. Healthy diet

Late night parties often end up at a fast food joint. While this might be all fun and games during party season, it has now caught up with your skin. You are left feeling tired, lethargic and overall drained. It is time to kick bad habits to the curb and start eating clean. Try getting into a meal prep routine. This will include preparing and cooking meals in advance and then organising them in breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week. Find an eating regime that suits your lifestyle and follow it. Reducing your sugar and carb intake will help your skin bounce back to its healthy self. While the first week or two without these items might be difficult, your body will soon become immune to this way of eating and you will feel so much healthier and refreshed.

  1. Exercise

While the party season saw you dancing all night, and sleeping all day, you are now back to reality  . There is no better way to stay motivated than with an exercise routine. If you battle to exercise alone, find a local running or cycling club. Any exercise is good. Try to get outside and exercise for thirty minutes a day. Sweating helps open pores which will help cleanse your skin. Make sure to drink plenty of water during your session to stay hydrated. After exercising have a warm shower and moisturise thoroughly.

  1. Cut the alcohol

This might sound like an easy task but after the party season it is easy to get into a routine of drinking. Whether it be that mid-week beer, celebration birthday cocktail or tequila shot while crying over the terrible Tinder date, it won’t help cleanse your skin. If you are serious about getting your skin back to it’s pre-party self, cutting out alcohol completely is important. Set a goal for yourself, perhaps it’s a weekend away or wine tasting with the girls in two months time. Setting a goal will give your skin time to replenish itself.


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