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Starting a business from home for mothers

March 7, 2018

Having a child shouldn’t stop you from earning an income and being financially independent (regardless of whether your partner is capable of supporting you or not). Being a mother is great and for the first few months, all you’ll want to do is care for your child. But there will come a time when you are able to go back to work or, should you choose, start your own business from home and have the best of both worlds.

Just be careful not to underestimate your role as a mother or all the time and effort that babies and children require.

Being your own boss

If you haven’t had your own business before or if you haven’t worked solely from home before, you’re going to need to get used to the idea of being your own boss. Even if it’s not literally (in other words, if you’re still working for someone else), it’s a matter of being responsible and holding yourself accountable for getting the job done.

Having the flexibility to work from home sounds like the best thing since sliced bread, but the reality is that, for some people, it can be quite the challenge. Not everyone is disciplined enough to work from home. If it’s your own business, you may feel more relaxed about it if it’s not the household’s primary income. But if you’re working for someone else, you’re going to have to work hard to make sure you get everything done on time and done well.

But there are so many business ideas out there that you’re likely to find one that accommodates your new lifestyle, interests you and that you’re excited about.

Business ideas

With all these business ideas that can work for stay-at-home mothers, you just need to find the one that complements your skills, ability and availability.

  • Beauty: If you’re into cosmetics and beauty treatments, you could open a hair, nail and/or massage salon at home and have clients come to you throughout the day. Get your business licence, find a reliable supplier, build a customer base and start an Instagram page. This way you also have control of your hours, your schedule and your children.
  • Digital: Being able to work online opens many business doors for at-home mothers. Writing, graphic design, web design and social media management, to name a few, can all be done at home. As long as you are in constant contact with the client, it will be just like working from an office. Another option would be for you to start a blog. There are many mom blogs out there, so you can learn from them and see how it works for you.    
  • Daycare: You already have your own children to care for, why not add to the list and start an at-home daycare? There are so many parents who’ll benefit from having a daycare in the area and if you’re good with kids (which you should be if you have some of your own) then it’s a great way to make an income and have some fun.
  • Education: If your children are slightly older, you could always look into homeschooling and creating a community for home-schooled children. Or, you could offer kids tutoring or music lessons after school. There are so many options.
  • Travel agent: Travel agents can work from home. All you need is your computer, host agency contacts and time to arrange travel details with and for clients. People are always looking to travel and never wanting to go through the tedious trouble of booking those holidays. Being a home-based travel agent, you can do it for them and get ideas of where you want your next holiday to be at the same time.  
  • Photography: The ideal option for photographers would be to open a photographic studio at home and have all the necessary equipment and props for a photoshoot. You could even run photography courses from home as well to fill in the gaps throughout the day.    

There’s nothing stopping you from achieving your female entrepreneur dreams. It may not happen as you envisioned it, but doing it from home might be the better solution in any case.

Benefits of freelancing

Freelancing is a term business mothers working from home need to get used to. It’s, essentially, how you’ll be operating. But the benefits of freelancing, especially for mothers, makes it worth the extra effort and pushing through the exhaustion from a terrible night’s rest.

  • You are in control: You set your hours, you say “jump” and you work as it suits you and your clients. You are in control of your day, your workload and your nap times (because nap times are important).
  • You’re still relevant in the working world: Yes, some mothers have their babies and go back to work without a second thought. It works for them and they might be relying on that income and stability. But, by working at home, you’re still staying relevant in the working world. Should you decide to, one day, go back to work or, perhaps, expand your business, it won’t be like you’re “out of practice” or anything.  
  • You aren’t missing anything: Because you’re still home all day, you won’t be missing anything that happens with your baby. First smile, first word, first fall, first crawl – you’ll be right there when it happens. You won’t have to stress about your child being in the care of someone else when these milestones happen.
  • You have time: And most importantly, the benefit of freelancing will mean you have time. Everyone talks about how quickly time flies with your children. By staying at home with them (and still working), you’ll be spending as much time with them as possible.  

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