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Summer is almost here: take a moment to refresh and ready yourself

October 9, 2018

The few sunny days we’ve experienced during spring have only made us more excited for the summer to come. With summer around the corner, we need to take a moment to refresh and ready ourselves for a new season. And by this it means putting our health and wellness first. Everybody take a deep breath in… and let it out.

Here’s how you can live your best life in the beautiful country of South Africa this summer.

Get your health in order

With the seasons transitioning, it’s likely you’re going to catch a strain of flu or struggle with allergies as the flowers bloom. Your health is important and you can’t walk into summer with a stuffy nose and end up staying in bed all day.

Find natural supplements that you can take on a daily basis, and that will give your immune system a boost and keep you healthy. Be sure to drink plenty of water every day and consider changing your skincare routine to prepare your skin for the sweaty and dry days to come.

Other health-affecting factors that come with the summer are more physical activity, sunstroke and sunburn. And these two will require a medical aid or hospital plan with one of South Africa’s medical schemes. Prevention will always be the best medicine, which is why it’s important for you to wear sunblock, stay hydrated and stretch before you exercise. But even so, it’s always better to make sure you’ll have medical expenses covered should a worst-case scenario become a reality.

If you take the above precautions and are otherwise a healthy person, you would only need a hospital plan to cover you in the case of dire emergencies. Luckily, we have quality and affordable medical hospital plans in South Africa. Choose between one of the top 10 hospital plans in South Africa to cover your in-hospital expenses should you require a mole-removal, medical attention for heat stroke or x-rays and a treatment plan for a physical injury.

This summer is about putting yourself first and that means not leaving anything to chance. Your health is a priority and this is how you can honour it.

Embrace the early mornings

The summer sun rises around 5 am every morning and so should you (time varies depending on where you’re located in the country). You need to take advantage of the extended daylight hours to add more life and activities to your days. It’s also the perfect time to go on your walks or runs before the heat of the day sets in and drives you towards the air conditioning systems.

Make your cup of camomile tea, take out your journal and go sit outside in your garden for some me-meditation time. Watch the sunrise, listen to the birds that are singing through the neighbourhood and once the sun starts to fade, you can head inside and get ready for your day at work.

An earlier sunrise means a longer day and more hours to use productively.

Make time for vitamin D

We all need vitamin D for our bones to be strong, keep our happy levels high and regulate our immune system. And the sun is a great source of vitamin D. All you need is 10 minutes (minimum) a day to soak up the sun and benefit from a free source of vitamin D.

Naturally, most people will spend more than only 10 minutes in the sun on some days, but you should always be cautious of sunburn and sunstroke. On that note, tanning sessions alternated with refreshing dips in the pool are another benefit of summer days.

Buy a summer dress

If you want to motivate yourself for this new-you-new-summer, go to the mall and start looking for a summer dress. One that makes you feel both comfortable and confident in your skin. Retail therapy has a way of lifting your spirits and you’ll be ready and waiting for the next summer day to slip into your dress and show the world your transformation.

Find seasonal recipes

A great way to refresh your taste buds and ready yourself for summer’s offerings is to start building your seasonal recipe book. Smoothies and fresh salads are always a win in summer because they’re healthy, easy to make and all the best produce is in season.

You will have apples, apricots, grapes, kiwis, mangoes, melons, watermelon, strawberries, pineapples, litchis and more to choose from in the fruit aisles. And as for vegetables, you can expect baby marrows, eggplants, radishes, beetroot, green beans, celery, chives, carrots, patty pans, spinach and more.

Start readying yourself for summer. Prepare to live a life you’re proud of and happy with.

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