Super simple ways to choose the right bedding colour

October 12, 2018

Decorating your bedroom is one of life’s simple joys. You can create the perfect sanctuary to retreat to after a long day of work with some simple tips and tricks, or you can create a vibrant space to spend time meditating.

One aspect of decorating this room is choosing the perfect bedding colour to complement your decor, which can be difficult. You will need to look out for bedding specials that offer bedding in just the right hues for your needs. If you are looking into decorating or revamping your bedroom, read on below for super simple ways to choose the right bedding colour.

Have a plan

If you are feeling slightly uninspired, you could create a mood board for your bedroom which includes all the colours, textures and accessories you want to have in it for the perfect ambience. Be sure to include your favourite colours in the mood board to help you decide on which ones you prefer for your bedding.

Having a plan will help you to ground yourself and not buy bedding specials that will clash with the rest of your bedroom.  If you have any accessories to help you get a fuller picture of your bedroom’s colour scheme, bring those along too.

Simple and classic vs. patterned and pretty

Bedding in one colour, such as all white sheets, duvet covers and pillow covers, can bring in an element of elegance to your room. It can make your bedroom feel like a trendy hotel and is the best choice for a bedroom with patterned wall paper or brightly painted walls.

Patterned bedding is perfect for a bedroom with monochromatic walls and accessories. It allows you to bring in pops of colour for a vibrant space. You can choose colours from your bedroom to include in the patterns so that you do not overwhelm the room with colour. Geometric patterns will age better than florals, so opt for these so you can easily change the look of a room without having to change your bedding each time.

Moody mornings

Colour has a significant effect on your mood, so look for bedding specials that offer a diverse range of colour options to choose from. The colour of your bedding can have either a negative or positive effect on how you feel when you sleep and wake up, so choose this wisely.

If you want your bedroom to be a place of calm and serenity, opt for pastel coloured duvets and comforters in blue and green hues. For those who want their bedroom to be a place of upliftment, you can use brighter colours such as reds, oranges and yellows but be sure that they do not clash with the surrounding decor. Brightly coloured bedding can be very striking if you complement it with neutral accessories.

Eclectic or matching?

Buying bedding sets means that the components are already matched, which is one of the easiest ways to pull your room together. These sets have been designed to be coordinated without looking too “matchy”, with some mixing of patterns and textures for interest.

If you enjoy this pulled-together look, this is the ideal option to help you choose bedding colours. If, however, you prefer a more eclectic approach you will need to remember some design principles to make it work. If your bed skirt is striped and your duvet is covered in florals, they will both need to have a unifying colour, such as navy, in order to keep the funky style looking pulled-together rather than mish-mashed.

Focus on fabric

While colour is important for your bedding, the fabric that you choose should also play a major role in the choice you make. Brightly coloured bedding needs to have fabric that will hold the dye, even after several washes, while white or monotone bedding should be made of softer fabric.

However, you should base your fabric choice on whatever feels the best on your skin and what is practical for your situation. Choosing Egyptian cotton sheets when you do not have access to a dry cleaner to properly care for them is not a good idea. Fabrics with sheen can brighten up a dark bedroom and fabrics with texture are ideal for a monochromatic bedding to brig in visual interest.

Beautiful bedding for restful sleep

Your bedding can help you to have a restful sleep. You can create a bedroom that is the ultimate peaceful oasis or a place that inspires you and is a space geared towards creativity. Choose a bedding colour that speaks to you but be sure that it is synchronised with the rest of the room. Have a plan in mind that will help you choose between patterned or monotone and be sure to keep in mind how your mood can be affected by the colour you choose. Soon you will find yourself sleeping easy in a stunning bed and waking up feeling refreshed and renewed.


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