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How to take care of your clothing

April 18, 2019
How to look after your clothes

Buying new clothes is exciting and fun. You have the opportunity to try new styles that you’ve always wanted to try. Or you could add to your already stylish and beautiful wardrobe. However, having to buy new clothes regularly can become quite expensive. Nevermind that you can’t always find exactly what you’re looking for. The problem is when you can’t seem to keep your clothes in good enough condition to last for a decent period of time. This happens to…

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Fashion Life

Tips for selecting the right clothes for your body shape

May 11, 2018
Tips for selecting the right clothes for your body shape

Window shopping is easy when visiting one of your favourite clothing shops in South Africa. However, when it comes to actually trying that cute little black number on with your new pair of suede heels, it’s not as perfect as you anticipated it to be. Do not let this hurt your feelings. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your body, it just means that the dress wasn’t made to suit your body shape. As it stands, you probably know…

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Fashion Work

Simple ways to change your wardrobe from “youngster” to “professional adult”

September 28, 2017

So, you’re only in your twenties and you don’t feel ready to part with your distressed denims or band T-shirts just yet. And you shouldn’t have to. But you are, however, at a stage in your life where you are meant to dress a little more “grownup”. This is largely because you’re expected to find and hold down a job in order to start your career. You wouldn’t think your clothing choice has much to do with that, but you’d…

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