Teaching your child safety at soccer matches

November 9, 2015


Parents have every right to be protective of young ones, there are so many dangers in this world that trusting them to walk by themselves to the shop also means giving up a sense of control. Still you have to keep your fears at bay. Once they pick up on that fear, they could adapt it as their own. The concept of safety isn’t fully developed with young children, so you need to very careful how you project safety issues onto them.

In the event of an emergency

The first thing you need to teach your child is that it’s always best to be prepared for anything in case of an emergency, and that means to always keep your phone charged. You never know when you might need assistance from medics or the police. Always call for help and never try to be the hero in any scenario, there are trained professionals who deals with emergency cases daily. Teach your child that they need to call for help at all times but once the professionals arrive, it’s best to keep out of their way.

“Your cell phone will be your best asset in case of an emergency because it can be used to get direction and information about and accident, especially if it has to be communicated accurately and speedily. Once you have made the call, head straight to the security control room to find any officials in charge,” says Parent24 writer, Queenie Bates.

Teach your child that when they call for help to an emergency number they need to give the following information

They should have an extra number they can give in case they get cut off and need to be contacted back by emergency services.

Give your location – the street address or nearest cross road.

They should be able provide details of what happened and or how many injuries occurred etc.

The dispatcher will immediately send help and also assist them with advice as with what to do or how to help out the injured on the scene of the accident. In this case tell them that they need to be confident and step up their game.

Emergency numbers:

  • Police – 10111
  • Fire – 10111
  • Ambulance – 10117
  • Arrive Alive Call Centre – 0861 400 800
  • ER24 – 084 124
  • Netcare – 082 911
  • From your mobile – 112

Save these emergency numbers on their cell phones and write it inside of their backpacks. Make them fully aware of where the numbers are and in which instances they need to make us of it. In case of an emergency outbreak and a stampede occurs, move sideways away from the crowd and press yourself against the wall. Wait against the wall until the crowd settle and tell them not to  panic.

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