The worst things you’re doing to your skin

July 16, 2017

Your daily skin routine is far more important than the treatments you invest in. Seeing your beauty therapist or even dermatologist every month will make no difference if you’re not taking care of your skin every day. It is crucial that you know exactly what to do both morning and night to keep your skin healthy. After all, it is the biggest organ you have and it is battered by external factors and weather every day.

Many of us have adopted our mother’s skincare routines. But not everyone has a mom who’s savvy about skincare. So some of us have picked up bad habits. However, skincare information overflows both online and in print magazines. Women’s health in particular covers the topic of skincare, but even men’s health has reached into this aspect of healthcare. And it’s worthwhile spending some time reading up on what you really should do to keep your skin aglow. If you don’t make an effort your skin will start to show your neglect.

If you’re in your 20s, you won’t be able to notice anything amiss even if you do sometimes go to sleep without washing your face. But as you get older your hormones change, your skin loses elasticity and your collagen production slows. And those are only three specific changes. Many other things can affect your skin health. For instance, stress and a lack of proper rest causes many people to suffer from premature ageing or even adult acne. Both of which can be devastating and affect not only your physical appearance but also your self-esteem.

If you want healthy-looking skin then you’ll need to reassess your skincare routine. Here are four of the most common skincare mistakes many of us make every day.

We don’t protect our skin from the winter sun

In winter, the sun doesn’t cool down or dull itself. It remains as glaring and dangerous as in the summer time. And yet, because we’re not lying on the beach, many of us don’t bother with using the products that offer a sun protection factor (SPF). The result is that in the winter months you’re probably doing your skin a damage as it’s completely exposed to harsh UV rays. This type of exposure will certainly contribute to the early appearance of wrinkles and can put you in danger of suffering skin cancer. Use a daily moisturiser that has a built-in SPF no matter the season or the weather.  

We enjoy too long or too hot showers

Sounds good right? A long hot shower can ease your muscles, warm you up and relax you before bed. But spending too much time in the searing hot water will make your skin dry and flaky afterwards. If you suffer from dry skin or patches, then your hot shower is exacerbating the condition whether you realise it or not. However, no matter your skin type you should definitely spend a shorter period of time in the shower and turn the temperature down.

Perhaps start off with scalding hot temperatures to warm up but cool the water down when you start to wash. And step out of the shower before you turn prune-like. Then pat your body dry rather than aggressively rubbing the towel all over you. And no matter your skin type invest in a good cream for your body. Of course, if you have skin problems already then purchase according to your skin type but in the colder months, everyone can do with a high-quality dry skin treatment.

We all think that the harder we exfoliate the more we’ll glow

Exfoliating is good for you. No one can deny that a proper exfoliation leaves your skin smooth and looking rather youthful. But many people overdo the exfoliation thing in an effort to remove all dead skin cells and dirt. When you do this you end up irritating the skin, making it extremely sensitive and red. And having a ruddy look is not appealing. You shouldn’t look red. If you do then either you’re going at it too hard and hurting yourself or your creams and treatments are already exfoliating your skin and you don’t know it yet. Check your products for exfoliating properties and dial down your exfoliation practice to once a week. And always follow up with a deeply moisturising and enriching cream.

We seem to believe we can scrub acne away

But, no, you can’t. Acne doesn’t take over your body because you’re unhygienic. Therefore trying to cleanse your skin of acne won’t work. In fact, you’re aggravating it further and you will end up with more pimples. Acne is a hormonal problem and you need to make lifestyle changes to assist you with getting rid of it.

Depending on how badly you’re affected you might need medication or you’ll need to simply adjust your diet, focus on your sleeping patterns, and use topical products to mitigate against flare ups. Gently cleanse the affected area, don’t exfoliate or harshly scrub your pimples and invest in premium quality products that are designed for acne prone skin. These will unclog your pores, remove dead skin cells, and heal the affected area.

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