Tips for flawless skin in winter and summer

March 16, 2017

Hot summer days call for lazing around in the sun, feasting on ice-cream. And winter days are usually spent sipping hot chocolate near a warm fireplace.

How we spend our summer days differs to how we spend our winter days. And it’s all because of the different temperature outside. The weather requires us to change certain aspects of our lives. People change their dress code during the different seasons. In winter they’ll buy warm jerseys and in summer they’ll invest in tank tops and shorts. But why do we change our wardrobe and not change the way we take care of our skin? Our skin needs to be treated differently with each season.

Each season requires you to look after your skin in a different way. Because in the winter months you could experience dry, calloused feet that ache. And in summer you could experience a painful sunburn.

Here are some tips on taking care of your skin.

Ways to look after your winter skin

In winter your skin gets really dry and flaky. And because of the cool temperature, your hands could start to peel off. The skin on our hands is thinner than the other parts of our body. And the dry winter air could cause cracks on our feet, causing pain and for them to bleed. When the air gets colder and drier, the moisture from your skin is lost to the cooler air.

In order to avoid flaky, dry skin in winter, you’ll need to moisturise it.

Protecting your hands

Make sure that you use soap with moisturiser or mild soaps during winter. If you don’t, it could dry out your skin. Ingram’s lotions are perfect for dry skin. It rejuvenates and leaves it feeling smooth and looking great.

You should also invest in two pairs of gloves. A pair for cleaning and another to keep your hands warm throughout the day. Gloves protect your hands from the harsh cold winter temperatures. And when you’re doing certain chores, such as washing the dishes, you should also wear cleaning gloves.

You should protect your lips from windburn by making sure you keep them moisturised and soothed with a lip balm.

Sunscreen isn’t only for the blazing sun experienced in summer. You also need to protect your skin in winter and slather some on your body.


Beautiful lazy hot summer days make you want to spend as much time on the outside as possible. You could decide to lie on the warm beach sand overlooking the waves. Or spend your day reading the latest novel in the park. Whichever way you spend your time outside, make sure that you’re skin is protected. If you don’t slather some sunblock on your skin, you could end up getting skin cancer. Also, apply sunblock lip balm in order to protect your lips from lip cancer.

The right type of food can help you stay protected from sunburn. In order to fight off sun damage, eat a lot of vegetables and fruit.

Sun damage causes freckles, premature ageing, wrinkles and skin cancer. You’ll also need to wear protective clothing and sunglasses and invest in hats to protect your skin.

Sunglasses do more than protect just your eyes, they also protect the skin under your eyes and keep it wrinkle free.

Things to do in all seasons

Drink lots of water

Water should be drunk in all seasons. It’ll keep you looking younger and healthier.


You may have heard the quote, “If you love someone let them sleep”. Well, there’s plenty of truth in this statement because getting your beauty sleep will keep your skin looking youthful. If you don’t get enough sleep, it’ll show on your skin. When you sleep more, you’ll have fewer wrinkles. Because when you’re asleep, the body produces collagen.

Stress less

If you spend most of your time stressing, you’ll add years to your face. Stress can lead to damaged cells which make you look years older. It could also cause acne.

Your skin can look good throughout the whole year if you take care of it. Winter requires you to slather more moisturiser on your body because of the cool temperature. Summer requires you to spend less time out in the sun. And you need to put sunscreen on to protect your skin and drink lots of water. You can also change your diet because what you eat could impact the way your skin looks. Flawless and radiant skin requires you to take care of it in all seasons.


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